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San Diego addresses neighbors concerns over dangerous traffic circle

After Oak Park residents complained following a dangerous spike in major car wrecks at Streamview Drive and Gayle Street, city crews have added safety features.

SAN DIEGO — Adding crosswalk and yield signs, City of San Diego trucks were shown at Streamview and Gayle in Oak Park in the last week.

“They came and they measured the lift here, the engineers came out, and they replaced an added some white lines here, and now they have added 23 more confusing signs,” said  Oak Park resident of 30 years April Mahoney.

CBS8 first spoke to April Mahoney on July 12 highlighting the major wrecks taking out fences and destroying cars.

"Eight accidents in the last 18 months, a cat only has nine lives,” Mahoney said.

Since our story aired, city crews have worked to improve the traffic circle.

A statement emailed from City of San Diego spokesperson Anthony Santacroce reads:

"In response to community safety concerns, Transportation Department engineers evaluated the roundabouts on Streamview Drive and have installed signage and striping on the approaches to the roundabouts that were previously missing or required updating. The updated signage and striping is intended to alert drivers to the presence of the roundabouts and mitigate collisions caused by speeding and distracted driving."

Mahoney says the signs are just a first step for safety but added people are continuing to speed.

It's a launch pad, there is no deterrent, but if you have pretty rocks or some better signage, people would be like, oh wow, let me slow down. Now, it’s a concrete jungle, we need a welcome to Oak Park sign,” Mahoney said.

CBS8 spoke to San Diego Police Captain Manuel Del Toro who sent patrol officers to the area to conduct a speed survey.

"The traffic pattern was a little confusing to them,” said Del Toro of SDPD Southeastern division.

Del Toro says his traffic division cited issues with the height of the curb and a request for speed bumps.

"They submitted a request where our traffic engineering to vision, who is going to be looking at it and respond,” Del Toro said.

April is happy she has a meeting set up with her City Councilmember Monica Montgomery-Steppe on Friday.

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