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Crashes, near misses, dark crosswalk has Point Loma neighbors concerned

CBS 8 is Working for You to help a neighborhood concerned about drivers zipping through a stop sign and crosswalk at a West Point Loma Boulevard on ramp.

SAN DIEGO — People who live in a Point Loma neighborhood are worried about reckless drivers zipping through a crosswalk and a stop sign, causing crashes and close calls.

One man who lives there says he's called on the City of San Diego for help but hasn't received a response.

CBS 8 is Working for You to help the neighborhood find answers on what the City is doing to address their concerns.

“This is constant all day long,” said one neighbor who didn’t want to disclose her identity. The frustration grows into the night.

“Especially at night people fly through the stop sign don't even pause,” said the woman.

Her neighbor Henrik Csűri, emailed CBS 8 about reckless drivers on Nimitz Boulevard heading east onto West Point Loma Boulevard and is concerned how dark it is at night.

“When people don't stop, like this gentleman did just now, they can't see people turning off the street so there is constantly almost accidents all the time,” said the neighbor.

People who live around the area say they have witnessed crashes, heard screeching and drivers braking all hours of the day and have faced too many close calls walking their pups across the street to Dusty Rhodes dog park.

“It's frightening to walk my dog or walk into OB, it's frightening trying to turn into my neighborhood and frightening trying to turn out of my neighborhood,” said the woman.

Neighbors say they've filed Get it Done reports and emailed the traffic department who says it has requested police enforcement.

“Something needs to change here, they need to put up some greater alert, some flashing lights or get rid of the ramp completely,” said the neighbor.

CBS 8 e-mailed the City Communications department to find out what's being done to make this a safer on ramp.

A spokesperson for the city responded to our e-mail:

We understand the residents concern which is why we have previously evaluated that location for additional safety measures. Let me first run down what is already there: 

  1. Multiple "Stop Ahead" signs on the approach to the stop sign at the crosswalk
  2. A clearly visible stop sign on the left side of the approach
  3. A clearly marked yellow continental crosswalk and limit line

By the end of this year we will install a stop sign on the right hand side as well. 

Per previous evaluations, this location has qualified for two new streetlights to better illuminate the area. The streetlights are currently on our unfunded needs list to receive future funding when available.

Frustrated neighbors say until something is done, they'll have to police the ramp themselves.

As the story develops, CBS 8 will continue to Work For You each step of the way on what the City does to make this on ramp safer.

At CBS 8, we are always Working for You and our San Diego community. If there is something you would like us to investigate, please share your idea here or email us at workingforyou@cbs8.com.

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