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Dripping water in front of Scripps Ranch school was reported to the city

"The kids have to step over it. They can slip and fall. It’s a lot of water when we are trying to cut back," said a viewer who reached out to CBS 8 for help.

SAN DIEGO — Working for You update May 26, 2023: 

We have an update to a story that CBS 8 has been working to get answers. After reporting on a water leak near Jerabrek Elementary School in Scripps Ranch on Wednesday,  the City of San Diego Water Department gave an update on the issue. 

The city is planning to make repairs to the leak over the weekend when class is not in session so they do not disrupt the classes.

Original coverage May 24, 2023:

A viewer who wished to remain anonymous contacted CBS 8 and said water has been leaking from a meter in front of Jerabrek Elementary School in Scripps Ranch for the last four days.

"On Sunday, I saw water coming out of a meter in front of the school in Scripps Ranch. I called the city. They came out and said they would fix it. They left. Four days later, nothing has been done," said the viewer.

She said she called the city numerous times. Since the city has still not fixed it, she asked CBS 8 for help.

The viewer said she worries for the children’s safety since it's right in front of the school.

"The kids have to step over it. They can slip and fall. It’s a lot of water when we are trying to cut back. I do not understand how long it's taken to get fixed," said the viewer.

Just a few streets away is where many city crews are still working on repairs after a massive sinkhole formed during a water main break at Scripps Ranch Blvd and Scripps Lake Drive last Friday.

"I'm sure because there are so many trucks at the other site; maybe that’s why they can't deal with the bulk of the problems," said the viewer.

CBS 8 reporter Ariana Cohen called the city.

The city told her they are aware of the problem, are working to fix it, and will give an update soon.

"They said it's scheduled. The water keeps getting stronger. Unfortunately, our water is precious and a waste of a lot of water. Fix it or give someone an estimate on how long it will take!" said the viewer. 

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