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Pacific Beach residents say several streetlights have been on 24/7 for more than a year

"It's a waste of power. Tax dollars are paying for it," said Rick Oldham.

SAN DIEGO — Usually, people complain about street lights not working. But, people who live in Pacific Beach tell CBS 8 they’ve noticed several street lights that have been on 24/7 for about a year and a half!

"It's a waste of power. Tax dollars are paying for it," said Rick Oldham.

Oldham started noticing the problem during his daily walks around Pacific Beach with his wife.

"Three o'clock in the afternoon, twelve on the weekends. We walk at various times. In the evenings the lights are still on,” said Oldham.

The lights he's referring to are on the 1400 block of Wilbur Avenue. There, you’ll find five that are constantly on.

People who live on that street say the lights have remained on since at least early 2021, when they reported to the city that the lights weren't on at all.

"I haven’t seen them go off in a really long time.”

“And they're on all the time?”

“Yeah. Day and night," said one resident.

And it's not just Wilbur Avenue.

The streetlight on Gresham and Loring never shuts off.

There's another two that stay on on Monmouth near Foothill Boulevard.

"And I've sent a couple of requests to the city through the Get It Done app. They responded a few months later and said it's taken care of. However, the lights continue to burn," said Oldham.

When reached by CBS 8, a City of San Diego spokesperson said:

"We are currently looking into what may be the technical issue that is allowing these street lights to stay illuminated all day. We also understand that the time it takes to repair streetlights can be frustrating and that is why, along with striving everyday to provide excellent service, the City is working to reduce service times while being committed to transparency. In most cases we are aware of how long services are taking and that we post that information publicly to manage expectations."

In April, CBS 8 did a story about a blinking street light in Rancho Bernardo. At the time, the city said it was dealing with a major backlog, which still exists.

The Get It Done app has a backlog of 5,000 requests to fix streetlights and an average of 272 days to repair them, since there's only 11 electricians to do the job.

Oldham says while a lack of resources may be to blame, not fixing the problem is wasting resources, which is why he wants it fixed.

"Just like for the city to get the lights turned off and get them set to where they come on when they need to be on and off when they don't need to be on," said Oldham.

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