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Parents spend nearly 35% more when shopping with their kids vs. going alone

"As a parent, I think we tend to give in to those requests and wind up spending more," said consumer expert Regina Conway.

SAN DIEGO — Parents, do you spend more money shopping with your kids than going alone? New research said yes, you do spend a lot more.

According to a study by Slickdeals, an online site where shoppers find and share deals, of the 2,000 parents surveyed, two-thirds said shopping with kids tends to be more expensive than shopping alone.

Solo ventures cost an average of $133.

Shopping with kids costs an average of $179.

That's 46 dollars more or about 35 percent.

CBS 8 caught up with Jackie Haldrup outside Target, who said she’s one of those parents who spends more.

“I do. I came here for diapers, and I'm already thinking about bath toys and something I saw on Tiktok that I should get," said Haldrup.

“I am not entirely surprised by the findings,” said Regina Conway, a consumer expert for Slickdeals.

She's a mom of two and said there's a reason we spend more when out with our kids.

“When I take the girls shopping, sometimes there are requests for crackers at the grocery store we don't normally buy, or they're just seeing the packaged products and being attracted to those. As a parent, I think we tend to give in to those requests and end up spending more,” said Conway.

Conway says bribery is another reason we spend more, as a way to get our kids to behave while out shopping.

The survey found 44% of parents bribe their kids to behave while shopping. 18% said they've successfully bribed their kids with cash if they behave themselves. Kids were also found to be swayed by candy (37%), snacks (36%), and toys (34%). One in four bribing parents even claimed their efforts "always" work.

Conway suggests setting expectations ahead of time to avoid spending too much.

"Let your kids know why you're going to the store, what it is you're shopping for, and allow them to help you pick out some of those items," said Conway.

Conway also suggests that if you buy something for your kids, make it a teachable moment.

"Everything from the difference between a need versus a want, the value of a dollar, patience which is often required when you're shopping with kids and how to look for the best deals," said Conway.

Respondents recommended starting these lessons with children once they're nine years old.

Generally, family shopping habits occur four times per month, usually on Saturdays (65%) or Sundays (39%). 

The busiest months to shop with kids tend to be right around the holidays and back-to-school season: December (45%), November (32%), and August (24%).

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