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Streetlights fixed along Mission Beach boardwalk, neighbors rejoice

The mood is lighting up in Mission Beach, thanks to street light repairs along the boardwalk.

SAN DIEGO — The mood is lighting up in Mission Beach, thanks to street light repairs along the boardwalk. Neighbors on Windemere Court reached out to CBS 8 in April, asking for help with a streetlight they’d been trying to get fixed for six years, along with several other lights up and down the boardwalk.

CBS 8 reached out to the City of San Diego’s Transportation Department, which oversees street light repairs, and they conducted an initial evaluation that determined a portion of the circuit was damaged from burnt wires. 

Five weeks later, neighbors were elated to see city crews working on the light Wednesday, and after the sun went down, it lit up for the first time in 6 years, providing much-needed lighting for the boardwalk underneath it.

“I was very pleased; it was a load off our mind, my mind, and my wife’s mind,” said Russell Pekard, who lives nearby. “It finally got fixed, and we appreciate it.”

“Very happy, very happy, very excited about it,” said neighbor Kathy Evans.

To the electricians who got the job done, neighbors expressed their gratitude.

“I thank them profusely, absolutely, I do,” said Evans. “I saw them working out here, and I was going to run up, but they had already left, just to thank them.”

Aside from the light at Windemere, most other lights along the boardwalk have been fixed too. Pekard walked up to the pier Thursday night to count how many were repaired.

“I found out that the 20 lights that were out were now down to just 6 lights that were inoperative, and they were mostly north of Thomas and south of the pier,” said Pekard.

With more lighting on the boardwalk during nighttime, neighbors living around Windemere Court feel relieved.

“Well, we all feel a little safer, and then more people will be out walking, and we’ll feel like more of a community,” said Evans.

“Oh, it’s fantastic, you get to see who’s coming, and you might even recognize somebody,” said Pekard. “They’ve done a remarkable job in this light, and I want to thank them very much for getting things done.”

If you want us to look into an issue, email CBS 8 at workingforyou@cbs8.com.

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