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Suspected fentanyl dealer facing 1st-degree murder charge for death in 2022

More than a year after 43-year-old Cameron Trask died from fentanyl poisoning, the suspected drug dealer is facing a first-degree murder charge.

SAN DIEGO — More than a year after 43-year-old Cameron Trask died from fentanyl poisoning, the suspected drug dealer faces a first-degree murder charge. 

CBS 8’s Brian White sat down with Trask’s father and sister, who shared the details of his tragic death.

“I can’t think about him too much, as you can imagine, but yeah, he’s a good kid,” said Kenny Trask, who did his best to hold back his tears. “He was just a good kid, a good all-around kid. If I look back on him, he was like the perfect child that became addicted to drugs, and it’s just a shame, but many people could beat it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t.”

Cameron was a talented motorcycle racer in his younger days. At 18 years of age, he had an accident while racing that broke both legs and landed him in the hospital. His family believes this is when he first became addicted to opioids.

“Back in those days, doctors were just writing prescriptions for drugs like crazy, and we think that’s where Cameron got the taste of it,” said Trask.

He struggled with addiction on and off throughout his life, but on February 12th of last year, the day he died, he seemed very healthy and clear-minded. Cameron spent the morning with his dad at home in Vista before heading to Temecula for a family birthday party. His sister, Dayna Derry, recalls that night at the restaurant.

“He got up to use the restroom and was gone for what got to be a while, and so my husband, John, went to check on him,” said Derry. “I went in there, and I saw him on the floor in the stall.”

They performed CPR until paramedics arrived and administered two doses of Narcan, all to no avail. Kenny remembers hearing the news.

“Disbelief, it was something that was in the back of our minds throughout his life, it’s something we would talk to him about, but when it finally comes, you can’t believe you’re hearing it,” said Trask.

After months of investigating, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department identified 52-year-old Carlsbad resident Kevin Bryant as the person who sold the fentanyl to Cameron. He was arrested last week at the San Ysidro Port of Entry and booked into the Byrd Detention Center in Murrieta. Bryant is facing a first-degree murder charge and is being held on 1 million dollar bail.

“I think that’s appropriate. He knows what it can do, and he still chose to sell it to our son,” said Trask. “If somebody is selling drugs, they know could kill somebody instantly, they need to end it.”

The pain is still fresh for Kenny, but when asked what he would say to Cameron if he could speak to him again, he replied, “I would thank him for being the son that he was to me. He treated me like he was my best friend. He always wanted to make me proud and make me happy.”

In response to the same question, Derry answered, “Just that I love him. You were my best friend, and I miss you.”

More than 1,770 people have died from fentanyl in San Diego County since 2019. For a closer look at the age groups and places where this crisis has taken hold, go here.

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