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Condo residents in UTC haven't received mail in months

Delivery stopped because of a broken mail receptacle unit and residents say the management company is ignoring their requests to repair it.

SAN DIEGO — The mailboxes at the Renaissance Capri condominium complex in the UTC area have been broken for months and neighbors say, when it comes to getting it fixed, the only thing being delivered is excuses. 

“This is not good,” said Pam Mills. “It’s frustrating.”

Mail thieves broke the box several months ago and this wasn't the first time. Residents sent us photos from as far back as 2020 that show the box vandalized. 

Over the years, the HOA has repaired the boxes, but all the damage has added up and now it can't be fixed. They need a whole new unit. 

“This is such an old, old mailbox you can't just go get parts,” Mills said.

Homeowners have reported the issue to their management company through the community’s app, but one post states, 

"I've tried calling Prescott several times and have yet to receive a call back".

They're not alone. Prescott Management’s website lists a president and vice president. CBS 8 is Working for You, so we reached out to both of them today and also got no response. 

“We've not heard from them,” Mills added. “There's nothing that they've really sent out saying we're working on this. They haven't provided updates and that's really frustrating.” 

But the frustration doesn't end there. Residents showed us the last homeowners association agenda. It proves there hasn't been a meeting for months.

Multiple residents told us they believe the HOA is more concerned with aesthetics than quality of life. They say garages get painted, but mailboxes don't get fixed.

 One resident, fearing retaliation, asked us not to identify her, but she said, ”What's most important to the community isn't getting done and things that seem like they're of no importance seem to take precedence.”

CBS 8 reached out to the U.S. Postal Service, which confirmed they stopped delivering mail because of the box's condition. Then, on Tuesday afternoon, they said they are now working with the management company to get a new box installed. 

And, since that could take a while, a postal service manager "will visit the property in order to determine whether a temporary fix to the damaged mail receptacle unit is feasible." CBS 8 will continue to monitor this situation to keep residents updated on repairs.

At CBS 8, we are always Working for You and our community. This is a station promise that we will go the extra mile to solve a problem our audience can’t solve themselves. We want to hear your ideas on how we can cover and help our community. If you have a story idea, please email us at workingforyou@cbs8.com.

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