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What jobs will have layoffs next? What jobs are here to stay? Tips if you're laid off

Over 20,000 tech workers across 70 companies were laid off in November 2022. What jobs are in danger next, and what jobs are secure?

SAN DIEGO — More than 20,000 tech workers across 70 companies were laid off this in November 2022.

Amazon planned to lay off 10,000 people in the most significant job cut in the company’s history. 

Last week, Meta Facebook's parent company, Meta, announced the layoff of 11,000 employees.

Twitter parted ways with 3,700 employees, nearly half of its global workforce.

Zillow laid off 300 employees at the end of October, while Snapchat confirmed it would lay off 1,300 people.

According to Contractbook, a contract management platform, five jobs expected to disappear by 2030 are:

1. Travel agents

2. Taxi drivers

3. Store cashiers

4. Fast Food Cooks 

5. Administrative Legal 

Five jobs most unlikely to disappear at least soon are:

1. Lawyers

2. Human Resources

3. Tradespeople

4. I.T. System Analysts

5. Medical Professionals 

Donna Dasinger, Cardiology Manager at Sharp Memorial Hospital, is grateful she has job security. 

"I've been a nurse for 30 years. I've seen the economy go up and down, but I’ve always felt my job as a nurse is secure regardless of what is happening in the economy. I feel a lot of empathy for people who are let go. In the pandemic, I felt grateful I could come to work and that I chose nursing as my profession," said Dasinger. 

What to do immediately if you are laid off:

*Request a laid-off letter from human resources to bring to future job interviews

*Find out how to continue your health insurance 

*Register for unemployment compensation

*Be confident during your new job search 

*Apply for jobs in high demand

Dasinger says there are many healthcare careers in demand right now. 

"It's not just nurses within healthcare; X-ray techs, case management, and social workers are in huge demand. Healthcare needs professionals," she said. 

The San Diego Workforce Partnership is also a good resource for job seekers and employers looking for talent locally. Claudia Huerta, V.P. of Business Engagement, said all employers must submit a WARN (Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification) if they lay off 50 or more employees. 

"We have folks willing to help you if you want to stay in your current career industry or transition to a new career," says Huerta. 

Click here to jump-start your job search.

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