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When is the City going to fixed damaged streets in Rancho Bernardo?

Residents were pleased to see the construction, until they found out it was for the sidewalks and not the streets that have been in poor condition.

SAN DIEGO — People living in Rancho Bernardo and Poway were pleased to see the construction, until they found out it was for the sidewalks and not the streets that have been in poor condition. 

CBS 8 reporter Ariana Cohen spoke with a construction worker in Rancho Bernardo who says they are contracted by the City to put 45 pedestrian ramps before working on the streets; something that could take a month or longer. 

Marcia Kaplan lives in Rancho Bernardo. She says she and her son made a post on the NextDoor app asking neighbors which streets in their area need the most work. 

She printed out seven pages of complaints on dozens of roads that need repair from Paseo Del Verano Norte, Cresta and Rios to Carmel Mountain Road. 

"As you can see, this street has disappeared in places and leaves a lot of gravel and debris in the gutter. Frankly, if anyone is riding a bike, and hits broken asphalt, they are going to get hurt," said Kaplan near Cresta and Rios streets.

CBS 8's Cohen drove around the area to see what damaged roads she could find. 

She noticed the intersection at Paseo Lucido and Avenida Venusto has uneven patchwork and small potholes. 

"I'd like someone to take a look and answer as to what they are going to do and when they are getting the roads fixed," said Kaplan.

Kaplan says some of her neighbors have filled out reports on the city’s “Get It Done” page, yet she says nothing has been done. 

CBS 8 reached out to the city last week.

The City asked Cohen for a detailed list of all the roads that need repair Monday.

CBS 8's Cohen emailed a long list of roads needing repair. The City responded late Monday afternoon:

"The City has received the Get It Done reports and has completed temporary repairs for the site reported on August 17...The permanent repairs – potentially slicing to restore levels between the sidewalk panels - will be will scheduled as the City works through its list of concrete sidewalk repair requests.  As Mayor Gloria highlighted in the City’s new Strategic Plan, the City has recently made an unprecedented commitment to address sidewalk repairs like these as part of the largest infrastructure investment in City history, Mayor Gloria's Ready to Rebuild Budget.  The City is focused on making operational improvements like streamlining contracting procedures, reforming outdated policies like our development impact fee structure with the Build Better SD program, and putting equity at the center of everything we're working toward. As always, the best way to report problems like these in the City right-of-way is to use the Get It Done reporting system."

"Like they say in New York, if the politicians don’t get potholes fixed, they don’t get re-elected," said Kaplan.

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