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College Area woman pleading with city to fix potholes near Alvarado Hospital

A College Area woman said pothole patchwork is not enough to fix roads, making her commute as a person with a disability even more dangerous.

SAN DIEGO — A College Area woman submitted 30 requests for nearly a decade, requesting road repairs on the City's Get it Done app, but despite some patchwork done, she said it's simply not enough.

Typically, nine city crews are assigned to fill potholes across San Diego County. The assigned crews fulfill about 200 requests, but following the recent rain, there was a backlog of 1,600 submissions.

“There are potholes...cracks in the street that are horrifying,” Michele Adcock said.

From significant dips to crumbling asphalt and many patchworks, Alvarado Road near San Diego State is bumpy.

“I have a whole computer full of reports that I've sent in,” Adcock said. She added that paramedics and fire trucks drive down Alvarado Road, which is unsafe.

Adcock volunteered in the Chaplain's Office at Sharp Grossmont and sometimes is called in, in the middle of the night, so she is driving in the dark.

“I sit and hold the hand of people who are actively dying, who would otherwise be alone,” she said.

Addock shared with CBS 8 that she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2019. That and the potholes have made her commute more challenging. 

Addock often takes the long way to get somewhere, all for a smoother ride.

San Diego City officials said many of Addock's complaints had been completed and closed.

 City officials also said around 150 additional city workers had been assigned to help handle the pothole backlog. 

There are currently 853 open requests.

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