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Yellow pickup truck in Julian is as constant as apple pie

Whether its in the fall or covered in white snow, the yellow pickup truck seems to always be parked on Main St in downtown Julian.

JULIAN, Calif. — No matter what season it is or how many decades have gone by, the yellow pickup truck remains parked in front of Julian Drugstore on Main Street in Julian, California.

An image captured by the town's webcam on Wednesday was able to share Julian and its apple loving community blanketed in snow.   

However, almost 28-years-ago the Chevy pickup truck is still making history as it remains in the same exact location where CBS 8’s late-Larry Himmel captured it back in fall of October 1994 and in 2019.

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Now, fast forward to 2022 and during the winter storm this yellow pickup truck covered in snow continues to enchant locals and tourists which makes everyone wonder why it's always parked there - day after day- after all these years?

CBS 8 caught up with the owner Debbie Gaudette three-years-ago to get the answer. 

“I believe I've had the truck since somewhere in the 90’s. It’s a 1981 Chevy Scottsdale,” said Gaudette. 

Credit: CBS 8

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Gaudette is not only the owner of the historical yellow pickup truck but also owns Apple Alley Bakery. She says she’s continued to use her car for unloading. While adding that she made it her unofficial  parking space to avoid blocking other businesses. 

“It's perfect for me. It's four wheel drive, I sometimes have to drive it in the snow so it gets me where I want to go,” Gaudette said  “We replaced the seat, and the motor and the transmission.” 

Nevertheless she has accomplished what she was unaware could happen, making her car a memorable story for Julian locals and visitors both in person and when watching the town's webcam. The yellow pickup is still parked where it belongs, hopefully for many more seasons to come.

JULIAN WEB CAM: Feed from Wednesday morning, Feb 23:


WATCH 2019 STORY: Yellow pickup truck in Julian parked in the same spot 25 years later 

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