SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - She first took the ice right here in San Diego, and tonight U.S. Olympian Rachel Flatt will skate before a worldwide audience in Vancouver. Though the teen now lives in Colorado, she still lists Del Mar as her hometown.

Rachel Flatts makes her Olympic debut Tuesday representing the U.S.A. as our national champion. She's using Twitter to share her Olympic experience with her fans and to give them an idea of what she's seeing. But what is she feeling? Skating coach Laurie Burns gives us an idea.

"She must be full of excitement and very nervous, because to get there and knowing what she has to put out to win… she can do it. I'm sure there's a mixture of 'I can't believe I'm here' and intense focus," Laurie said.

The Olympics are inspiring and that's what Rachel Flatt has done for young skater Angelina Oh.

"When I first heard that Rachel Flatts ice skated here I was so happy because I get to be on an ice rink where a professional, big person gets to ice skate, and it's really great," Angelina said.

"To be an Olympian is really hard, to get all of your things right, but if you practice a lot you can get it all right," she added.