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14 staff members at San Diego hospital pregnant at once

There may be something in the water at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns as multiple expectant mothers are roaming the halls.

SAN DIEGO — There is a water fountain at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns that you may want to approach with caution.

Jeff Zevely from the Zevely Zone met with three pregnant nurses from the hospital's Labor and Delivery Unit and asked: 

"Is there something in the water?"  

Three registered nurses, Andrea Curran, Ally Ricketts and Martyna Feather all laughed at once.  The nurses aren't sure why so many staff members are pregnant in their Labor and Delivery Unit.   

A hospital in Maine posted a picture of nine pregnant nurses and a West Coast-East Coast baby brawl broke out.

"My sister actually works at that hospital and is a nurse there, so when my sister pointed it out to me and said look at all of these nurses, I was like we have more than that," said Curran.  

She contacted her fellow nurse, Martyna Feather, for some heavy math.  

"We got together and got a picture of most of us," said Feather.  

She started counting up all of the baby bumps in their Labor and Delivery Unit and came up with ten total.

There's a reason why a gigantic stork is proudly perched at the top of the hospital. More babies are born at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital than any other hospital in the California with more than 8,000 babies a year delivered there.

Now, they are giving themselves more work and support. Ten pregnant nurses could mean built-in babysitting.

"Absolutely, I mean there is the bond we share together," said Ricketts. 

All of the women plan on delivering into the same helping hands they work with every day. 

"Friends, we are all friends," said Feather. 

Six months ago, not one Labor and Delivery nurse was pregnant at Mary Birch Hospital, but now their waist lines are growing along with the number.

"What? Are we at 14 now? When we started this interview there were only ten," said Zevely.  

"That's how we feel. There is someone new everyday," said Ricketts.  

Two additional nurses and doctors have joined the list.  

As for the nurses in Maine, nine is a nice number.

But a San Diego stork is up against fourteen different due dates and deadlines. 

"The count down is on," said Curran.  

If they're all healthy bundles of joy, we could all drink to that. Just maybe not from the water fountain that seems to be the source of fertility.

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