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24-year-old 'YouTuber' skateboards from Los Angeles to Mexico

Brooke Johnson walked away from two jobs hoping to inspire people to live a bold life.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — How would you like to have your own show? 

In this Zevely Zone, I went to Carlsbad to learn about a YouTuber's fearless fight to empower women. Brooke Johnson is a 24-year-old. If you watch her YouTube page, she'll tell you she grew up in the state of Washington.

"What's up guys? Thank you so much for watching," said Brooke. "There was nothing else to do but play with sticks. If you are all wondering why I wanted to move to LA, it's because of the rain. I am wearing sexy rain boots, it's not my vibe, just not my vibe." 

Brooke is filled with energy and stories. After graduating from college, she walked away from several jobs to prove in her words, "crazy is doable".  

YouTubers are always asking themselves, "What's next?" 

In Brooke's case, "I wanted to go to Mexico," said Brooke. "I was like 'what if we skated there?'" 

Brooke left Venice Beach with her friends Natalie and Brandon on long skateboards and videotaped the entire trip. 

"We are a few miles in. I am definitely going to be the lagger of the crew," said Brooke.  

I asked if the trip went smoothly. 

"No, so many problems," said Brooke.  

On day one, Natalie hurt her leg. 

"This is so painful," said Natalie as Brooke rubbed her calf.  

"The only way to grow is to get out of your comfort zone," said Brooke. 

So, they kept heading south. 

"It's almost lunchtime, it's almost lunchtime," said Brooke from her skateboard. People couldn't believe that they were skateboarding to Baja. 

"Wait, actually? Oh my God," said two people on the road.

Credit: Brooke Johnson

Four days, on four wheels. "Let's go!" yelled Brooke, who is a ball of energy. She made many friends made along the way. The next thing she knew they were cruising by Torrey Pines State Beach, the Crystal Pier, Mission Beach and Downtown San Diego. 

"We are coming at you Mexico: How do you like them apples?" laughed Brooke.  

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Brooke wants to inspire people who watch her YouTube page to live a bold life. 

"You'll learn something that you don't like, you'll learn something that you love," said Brooke. "Everybody is capable of doing something like this."

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170 miles later, look who rolled into Mexico? 

"This trip to me means that we can do anything we put our minds to. You are capable of going 7 billion percent further than you think you can go," said Brooke. 

Followed immediately, by the question, "What's next? "It's so hard," laughed Brooke who never for a second doubts her new job. 

"Freeing, really freeing," said Brooke who confided she enjoys recognized. "It's kind of cool, I love it," said Brooke. 

For her next crazy adventure, Brooke bought herself a bus.  If you'd like to tag along click here for a link to Brooke's YouTube page.

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