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Oregon man handcrafts 'A Piece of Your City' hoping to unite America

Daniel Seddiqui is the real-life version of Where's Waldo.

Every big city in the United States is known for something special that's unique to their city. In this Zevely Zone, I met an Oregon man hoping to unite America with a mission he's calling, "A Piece of Your City."

Daniel Seddiqui started his morning in Phoenix and drove west to showcase San Diego. The 39-year-old could have come to San Diego to make fish tacos. Instead, he's handcrafting a surfboard with Tim Bessell.

"You are the expert showing me your craft. You are carrying the legacy of the city really of San Diego," said Daniel.  

Last April, Daniel thought our country was falling to pieces, so he left his home in Oregon to travel America handcrafting something special from 65 different cities.

Credit: CBS 8

"I am probably the most passionate American you'll ever find," said Daniel.  "I love learning something new every day."

In Brooklyn: "I did graffiti art."

In Louisville: "I made the very iconic Louisville slugger."

In Detroit: "Model cars."

In Minneapolis: "I made a Scandinavian butter knife out of wood."

Credit: CBS 8

Daniel calls himself the real-life version of Where's Waldo. You may have spotted him harvesting corn in Nebraska, catching lobster in Maine, coaching football in Alabama, or even marrying couples in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

"I experienced nothing but kindness, openness, I would have never had any of these experiences unless a stranger trusted me," said Daniel.  You must be thinking Daniel is independently wealthy. "Uh, no I have a full-time job," laughed Daniel.    

Credit: Daniel Seddiqui

The soon to be 40-year-old works for a college helping students find jobs and he is eager to get home to his family. He travels from his home then back to cities of his choice with his wife's full support. "She said go for it, we want to see you happy and live with your purpose," said Daniel.

Credit: Daniel Seddiqui

When Daniel graduated from college, he couldn't find a job. After 120 job rejections, he proved a point by working 50 jobs in 50 states. "I was a surf instructor in Hawaii, and I had never surfed before," said Daniel.  He was also a weatherman in Cleveland, Ohio. He made crab cakes in Baltimore, Maryland. He welded in Missouri. He was a coal miner in West Virginia. He wrestled steer in South Dakota. He changed tires in Indianapolis. Then it was off to Rhode Island for sumo wrestling. "Yeah, they lifted me above the head like I was a feather," said Daniel .

Daniel sang in Tennessee and may have missed a few notes in Nashville, but he can tell you firsthand America wants to be in harmony. "People want to be happy, they want to live with purpose, or a meaning and they want to feel a sense of community," said Daniel who plans on writing a book called '"Piecing together America." "Because we are broken but here are all of these pieces that can unite us," said Daniel.  

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His journey ends in San Francisco making fortune cookies and what will his message read? "We are going to find out!" said Daniel.  When you lead with patriotism, things have a way of shaping up just fine.

"Yeah, I'm kind of obsessed with America," said Daniel. Back in San Diego, surfboard shaper Tim Bessell announced, "He's a shaper."

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Daniel is a bestselling author, speaker, and director of an innovative career exploration program. He is the founder of Living the Map, which raises awareness of the varying cultures, careers, and environments across the country.

Daniel says the hardest job of them all was cheese making in Wisconsin. For more information about his journey and book click here.

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