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Air Force veteran is an ultra marathon runner born to run

In Monday's Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Oceanside to meet an Air Force veteran who was born to run.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Imagine running a 100-mile foot race 43 times. 

In Monday's Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Oceanside to meet an Air Force veteran who was born to run.

Oceanside resident Scott Mills is a 100-mile man. He has been running ultra marathons for 38 years.

"Well the sport has been very good to me," said Mills, who just jogged the California wilderness for 26 hours.

Scott showed Jeff pictures from his past runs. 

"To get over this mountain you had to climb a rope?" asked Jeff.  

"Yeah, because there's snow," said Mills. 

"Who does this?" asked Jeff. 

"That is a very good question and it's not an easy question to answer," said Mills. 

Especially when he shows a picture of his beat up feet after a wet soggy race that is covered in blisters. 

"I would never show that to a long distance trail runner because they might not pursue it," said Mills.  

After those feet kicked soccer balls for the Air Force Academy, Scott served his country for 22 years falling in love with the military and then his wife Jean.

"You were his commanding officer?" Jeff asked Mills' wife Jean.  

"No," responded Jean while laughing. 

"I outranked her in the Air Force but that is the only place I ever outranked her," said Mills.  

Married for 40 years, this guy is all about the long run and may just be the best known runner in San Diego County you've never heard of. 

"I don't do this for anything other than the love of the sport," said Mills.  

He showed Jeff a magazine with his article next to Meb Keflezighi. 

Meb has not only won the Boston Marathon, he has also been in the Zevely Zone.

It wasn't the Boston Marathon, but Scott just became the seventh runner ever to cross the Western States 100 finish line for the 20th time. 

"That felt great. That was awesome," said Mills.  

"Is that the sign of victory?" asked Jeff.  

"That is the sign that it's over for good. I don't have to do this again," said Mills.  

As a boy, Scott must have run wild as mustang, right?  

"No, I hated running," said Mills.   

But just like his Timex watch, out on the trail Scott learned he could take a licking and keep on ticking if he just put one foot in front of the other and listened to his favorite song.  

"Well I like, Jackson Browne 'Running on Empty'. It seems like an appropriate song to run with," he said. 

At 68-years-old, Scott Mills said he is slowing down a bit but has no plans to stop running Ultra Marathons.

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