SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Ten years after being attacked by a rattlesnake, News 8's Chopper 8 reporter Jo Eager decided to face her fears.

In Monday's Zevey Zone, Jeff went to Mission Trails Regional Park with Jo to push past those painful memories.

Ten years ago, Jo was hiking in the same trails when a rattlesnake attacked her.

After a helicopter rescue, Jo spent 15 painful days in the hospital.

Although she loves the outdoors, Jo hikes less these days, and refuses to stroll the trails in the summer months.

On a well traveled fire road, Jo is fairly confident, but in boot high grass, she wears snake proof boots about up to her knees.

Monday's outing was a way for Jo to face her fears as she hopes to hike more often and avoid a snake in the grass.

Even though it has been ten years, Jo said he rankle, where he was bitten, is still sore to the touch. During temperature changes, she said her thigh turns a strange reddish purple pattern form the wound.