SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — This Sunday will be your chance to audition for the next season of the hit CBS show "Big Brother." And who better to ask for casting call advice than last year's winner?

The Zevely Zone's Jeff Zevely invited Kaycee Clark to the KFMB Stations to catch up on her new-found fame and challenge her to a game of Newsroom Olympics.

If you live under a rock and need some catching up, here you go: Kaycee Clark is a 31-year-old native San Diegan who graduated from Mira Mesa High School where she was a sports stud.

Kaycee now plays wide receiver for the San Diego Surge, a professional full tackle football team.

Last year, Kaycee decided to audition for the CBS show Big Brother. Kaycee says she started watching the show when she was 10 years old and thought, "Why not try to make a dream come true?"

Kaycee rocked the audition in West Hollywood with Big Brother producers loving her confidence and outgoing personality. She competed on the show and won $500,000.


Since then, Kaycee has built a social media mega-following with around 315,000 followers on Instagram.

Kaycee is also writing a book to share her "social game" secrets with the world.

"Big Brother has some back stabbing, but there are many real-life lessons that can be learned about how to succeed with relationships and your career," said Kaycee.

Since Kaycee is known for winning many Big Brother challenges and games in season 20, Jeff challenged her to bottle-flipping and staring contests. Jeff won both events, but Kaycee shrugged off the newsroom battle.

"I won Big Brother, I can't win everything," she said.

One thing we can all agree on is Kaycee is a winner, not only on Big Brother but on the field of football and life and we are proud to call her a San Diegan.

Kaycee, who moved to Arizona two years ago, also shared some breaking news with Jeff during her visit saying she is moving back to San Diego this May.

"I miss my family and the beach," said Clark. “San Diego is my hometown.”

Welcome home, Kaycee!

News 8's Ashley Jacobs talks to Big Brother 20 winner Kaycee Clark, and she gets some tips for people to use to stand out at the casting call

You can audition for "Big Brother" this Sunday, March 24 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Ballast Point Miramar. It's also your chance to meet Kaycee Clark and spin the CBS 8 prize wheel for a chance to win prizes, food and drink specials. For more information click here.

See more from Jeff's interview with Kaycee Clark in the bonus video below.