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Bonsall equestrian rider shares Olympic dreams for 2028

18-year-old Skylar Wireman was named U.S. Equestrian Junior Rider of the year and then turned pro.

TEMECULA, Calif. — An 18-year-old North County woman is sharing her Olympic dreams. In this Zevely Zone, I stepped into the winner's circle at Galway Downs in Temecula.

When you are 14 months old and you figure out what you want to do for a living, it makes you want to jump for joy. "They are big, sweet creatures and they generally want to do whatever it is you ask them to do," said Skylar Wireman.

Right out of the gate, let's talk about how jumping a 1,200 pound animal over any obstacle is a miracle in itself. Bonsall born, Skylar hopped on a horse as a youngster, fell in love, and started sharing her dreams and secrets. "They are just so sweet you can just like always count on them if you are having a bad day, you can go talk to them and they won't tell anybody else, ha, ha," said Skylar.

Credit: Skylar Wireman

When it comes to competing, Skylar hasn't had too many bad days. She was named US Equestrian Junior Rider of the year in 2022. It's a sport with a lot of money in it, but her family doesn't come from money. "It is, it is definitely a sport with a lot of money in it and we don't come from money, so I have had to work extra hard for it which I think honestly makes it better. I think the harder you have to work for it the more rewarding the outcome is," said Skylar.

Credit: Skylar Wireman

"She has big dreams, big goals," said Shayne who is Skylar's mother. There were certain shows where the mother and daughter could not afford a hotel room and spent the night in a horse trailer. "Yes, we have definitely spent numerous nights in the horse trailer. Sleeping bags yep, porta-potties, sleeping bags the whole deal, ha, ha, ha," laughed Shayne.

Credit: Skylar Wireman

Skylar just turned pro, which means horse owners are now asking her to ride their horses.  Skylar's soaring career makes her mother proud. "Yes, very," said Shayne who isn't just Skylar's mom, but her coach and her, "Travel agent, yeah travel agent," they laughed.  

Credit: Skylar Wireman

Skylar competed 46 weeks last year, so you need a good travel agent for even the horses. "When they fly, they fly Fed Ex, ha, ha, for real," said Shayne.

Skylar's story is starting to sound like a Disney movie where the unknown humble star beats a spoiled rich kid. "It does feel pretty good when that happens," said Skylar who just won her first national grand prix and next?

"Ever since I was fairly little my goal has been to go to the Olympics," said Skylar. In 2028, remember the name Skylar Wireman and the horse she rode in on. How does a gold medal sound? "A gold medal sounds exciting," said Skylar. Skylar says she falls off her horse all of the time, but always gets right back on.

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