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'Breakfast Club' has been meeting for 25 years straight

In Wednesday's Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Swami's Cafe near Point Loma to meet Debbie Hall and her family members.

SAN DIEGO — Take it from Jeff Zevely - it is rare to sit down at a table and meet seven San Diego born and raised people, and Jeff should know. He is one of them. 

Jeff is one the rare San Diego natives still walking the streets. 

In Wednesday's Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Swami's Cafe near Point Loma to meet Debbie Hall and her family members.

Debbie watches the Zevely Zone and started emailing and texting, you know, giving Jeff the full court press. She had a story to share and Jeff loved it. It is what he does - meet wonderful people with San Diego stories. 

The "Breakfast Club" gathers every Thursday. 

"If we are not being naughty we are not having fun," said Peggy Bonner.

Every week for the past 25 years, the lovely ladies have been meeting for breakfast. All seven of the women grew up in Point Loma part of a large Portuguese fishing family.

"This was when she first immigrated," Debbie said. 

She is speaking about her grandmother. 

"She was 16 and coming by herself at the time." 

Debbie's grandmother, Anna Correia showed up at Ellis Island on a boat.

"That was in 1920," said Debbie. 

It is a voyage back in time with the memory of Grandma Anna who launched her own American dream by moving west. Grandma Anna loved big families and even bigger breakfasts.

"This wallet is very special because this is where she kept her money from her social security to pay for breakfast every week," said Debbie. 

When Anna passed away at the age of 95, she left money in her will to keep the tradition intact. 

"This is grandma's magic purse, "said Peggy. 

Jeff cracked it open and it still had money in there. 

"I feel very blessed to be part of this family and have breakfast every Thursday with these beautiful women," said another granddaughter Lori Hale.

Some would say none of them have a choice, but show up. 

"We have a saying you know, 'be here or be talked about,'" said Debbie.

You also don't want to mess with Hurricane Hazel. 

"I am the treasurer, I take care of all the money," said Hazel Russell, Anna's daughter who is in her nineties.

When the "Breakfast Club" members meet, the price is always right.

"The granddaughters get free breakfasts every Thursday so that is why we show up," said another granddaughter.

Recently, their bill was paid by a customer named Ray. 

"I don't know. I just thought it would be nice," Ray told Jeff.

So, in return Grandma Anna picked up his tab.

"He bought us breakfast on his birthday and we are buying breakfast for him," said Debbie.

After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

"Thursday morning this is a great place to be. Be there or be talked about," said Peggy with a wink.

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