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'Eastlake Moms' deliver cash, food and gifts to people in need

A mother who lost her hotel job created the 'feel good' Facebook group.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — If you need something, almost anything at all, a group of mothers in the South Bay is willing to help. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Otay Ranch to meet the Eastlake Moms. Last year when Zim Villarmino lost her hotel job, she turned the whole world into a guest list she could serve. "We are the Eastlake Moms, ha, ha," said Zim showing off their custom Eastlake Mom face masks. Zim is a mother of two, who created the 'Eastlake Moms' group on Facebook. Our mission is to simply offer a helping hand to moms in need," said Zim.

Credit: Eastlake Moms

Tania Salas spotted Zim's friendly face online and thought, "I am a mom I can relate, and times are tough." So, she joined along with more than 800 other people. "I am just a mom, I am just a mom and with everything going on, it helps a lot," said Lorie Cabuag who was shocked when Zim offered to run errands for her.

Credit: Eastlake Moms

"We are a sisterhood of moms that are spreading love," said Susie Hill. She says Zim is somewhat of a mystery they've only met once. "We are like pen pals on Facebook, checking up on me do I need anything?" said Susie.  

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Paying it forward to Susie was Tyrone Frazier. "Here is a hundred-dollar VISA Gift Card," said Tyrone who is a Navy veteran who started his own business called Bagged n' Brought. "I am not a mom, but I married to a mom," said Tyrone who offered some motherly love of his own. "It starts with us, so if we can lock arms together there is unity in community," said Tyrone.  

Credit: Eastlake Moms

When a dentist named Dr. Belle offered free groceries to a daughter taking care of her mother with Alzheimer's, Tyrone made the special delivery. And so it goes, when a child wanted a birthday drive by with a fire truck, or a one-year-old boy needed hand surgery the Eastlake Moms and Zim got to work. "She helped me gather some money, she helped me share his story," said Hilary Alarid.  Her godson Emiliano received the help he needed from Dr. Oracio Ruiz Gastelum. The boy then received a cash donation from the restaurant Mandarin Beijing. 

"It's not a big donation but you know anything helps," said the owner Kien Li. He was being modest, the food he has donated has made a huge difference along with donations from the Hurricane Grill & Wings. "I think it's an amazing group that helps people out you know?" said the restaurant's general manager Lucy Ramos.

Credit: Eastlake Moms

Even during our interview, Zim kept passing out gifts.  "Such a bright light during this time of year," said Lorie Cabuag. "It makes you a part of something," said Susie Hill.  "Moms are just the best, "said Tania Salas.

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We all need something, but most importantly, we need each other. "It's all about starting with us, we have to be that change that we want to see," said Tyrone Frazier.  "It's okay to ask for help, you are a mom, let others be kind to you," said Zim.

If you'd like to learn more about the Eastlake Moms or join their Facebook group, click here.

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