SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - When your life is on the line, sometimes it's the little heroes who make the biggest difference. 

Last March, Chris Kremers and her dog Pinky were at a store when five armed robbers forced them to lay down and put a gun to her head.

"She saved my life, she kept me calm. The way I needed to be,” Pinky's owner Chris Kremers. 

Apparently, there's just something heroic about this dog.

Pinky’s first owner was Chris’s cousin Patty. On the day Patty died, Pinky sat with her and refused to leave Patty’s side until the paramedics came.

So when Pinky recently suffered two blown knees, Chris wasn’t sure how to come up with the $7,000 need for the surgery until she heard about the FACE Foundation, which provides emergency money for pets in trouble.

When Danae Davis, the non-profit’s executive director, heard about Pinky's two torn ACL's FACE teamed up with the Banfield Pet Hospital and Pink’s surgeon for the operation and rehab. Davis had never seen a little dog with this big of heart.

Pinky needs to get back to good health, because this dog has a social calendar. Pinky has been to Disneyland and she loves the Padres

Chris suffers from PTSD from that robbery and nothing comforts her like spoiling Pinky.

The FACE Foundation has helped save more than 2,300 local pets. Click here for more information.