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Family will drive RV to remote places for 'Remote Learning'

Hitting the books and highway this school year at the same time

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Imagine getting closer than ever as a family by disconnecting from it all. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Carlsbad to meet a family leaving it all behind with an RV road trip.

Credit: KFMB TV

The Feehrer family wouldn't necessarily consider themselves campers.

"No not really," said Lauren Feehrer in front of her Carlsbad home. Parked in the driveway is the family's new RV.

Credit: KFMB TV

Imagine packing up your family of four and leaving COVID in your rear view mirror.

"Ah a little overwhelmed yeah a lot to do," said Dave Feehrer. The husband and wife and their two boys just bought an RV for 12-thousand dollars and it's beautifully decorated.

"Thank you, we actually bought it from a family in Encinitas who lived in it before us," said Lauren.

Credit: KFMB TV

The Feehrers figured this school year, Lucas (9) and Jesse (7) can remote learn from remote places.

"This is a great opportunity to go camping," said Lucas who will be a 4th grader.  

Credit: Feehrer family

Lauren added, "This isn't all that unusual for us. My husband runs 100-mile races." 

Dave is used to running great distances in the great outdoors but this?

"I've never been in an RV, never slept in one never really even been in one until buying this," said Dave.

Credit: KFMB TV

In order to tow a 25 foot travel trailer the Feehrer family had to buy an SUV that came equipped with a tow kit. Lauren is packing light. For example, she showed us a cutting board that doubles as a lid to an Adventure Kit made by a local company called reVessel.

"You can bake with this stuff so it's really nice you can bake with this stuff to maybe make a frittata."

Credit: KFMB TV

I took a tour of the camper. Bunk beds for the boys, bathroom, big screen TV, kitchen and Queen size bed for mom and dad.

Lauren owns a consulting firm. Dave is a Healthcare IT Project manager, so they can hit the highway while the kids can hit the books.

"To have the outside time not in our house and being bored and stuff," said Jesse who will be in 2nd grade.

Credit: KFMB TV

I mean when will they ever get this chance again?

"Exactly especially when they are seven and nine years old," said Lauren.

"Through corona virus we didn't want them to feel like they were trapped and stuck."

Credit: KFMB TV

So it's no fear for the Feehrers as they head up the Oregon Coast then off to Idaho but for how long of a trip?

"We think three months that's the plan either three months or three days depending on how it goes in here so we will see," said Dave.

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The family nicknamed their new camper "Maggie" and gave her an Instagram page. Go to www.instagram.com/maggie.nomad to follow their trip.

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