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Free Valentine's Day weddings end with honeymoon surprises

The Helpful San Diego Honda Dealers present free honeymoons to winning couples at Lavender and Olive San Diego.

RAMONA, Calif. — It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air at Lavender and Olive San Diego. In this Zevely Zone, I went to Ramona where two couples enjoyed free weddings. If rain is lucky on a wedding day, both couples should be married for life. This all started a few weeks ago when the wedding venue Lavender and Olive San Diego offered free Valentine's Day weddings. It sure feels good when a plan and loving couples come together.

Credit: CBS8

From this day on, the first couple, Courtney and Meghan, will share their love as well as the last name Keich. "It sure is a heck of a Valentine's Day. I've never had such a day that was on the house," said Meghan. The couple that just moved to San Diego didn't know what to think when they entered the free wedding contest. "I never win anything like this so at first I thought is this a scam or a catfish but then reality sets and and we were like we won. These people exist and we are getting married in a week," said Courtney and Meghan.  

Credit: CBS 8

The second lucky couple, Theresa and Dale Harrison were married 40 years ago and wanted to do it all over again. "I renew my vows to you and pledge my eternal love to you," said Dale. The longtime lovebirds then danced their way up the aisle. "We can still move," said Theresa. After teaching at the same high school for 38 years, the retired educators shared a Valentine's Day love lesson. "We were science teachers. We shared the same students, we shared lesson plans, we shared everything, so it was easy to share a life," said Theresa.  

Credit: Tina Fitch Photography

The ceremonies, catering, photographers and deejay were all compliments of the owners of Lavender and Olive, Carolyn and Robin Hoffos. "We did it, even with the rain, the rain didn't matter I think it's lucky when it rains that is what I've heard, my buddy just texted me and said rain is lucky on a wedding day," said Carolyn and Robin.

After the first dances, it was time for a final surprise. "We are the Helpful San Diego Honda Dealers, and it is our job to be helpful and everyone needs something blue on their wedding day, right?" said Carly Harris from the Helpful San Diego Honda Dealers. Free Honeymoons were given to both the newlyweds and Dale and Theresa who were sick on their wedding day 40 years ago and never took a trip. Theresa opened the gift and read, "Pack your bags you are on your way to a Helpful Honeymoon." Theresa then added, "It was worth waiting for forty years for this."

Credit: Tina Fitch Photography

Courtney and Mehgan then said, "We got married!" The deejay at the event was Troy Cook from TNT Entertainment.  The food was catered by Nutmeg Bakery and Cafe.  The wedding officiant was Kira Kahn-Romero from Sweetest Things in Life Events. The photography was done by Tina Fitch Photography.  Publicity was provided by Plain Clarity.

The Valentine's Day Weddings were free, but in the future Lavender and Olive will offer similar events for a total wedding party of 10 people. "They can stay for an hour, or they can stay all day," said Carolyn. Lavender and Olive San Diego will offer what are called Petite Productions for one thousand dollars. For more information click here.

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