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'Friday Night Lights' return to youth sports in Carmel Valley

Flag football is back and so are the smiles as the Orange Tier means 'green light' for gatherings.

SAN DIEGO — The Orange Tier has given youth sports in Carmel Valley the green light. 

In this Zevely Zone, "Friday Night Lights' flag football scores a touchdown with families. 

"Who is ready to play some football?" yelled Ed Har. 

He is the commissioner of Friday Night Lights Carmel Valley.  

"You got this," screamed a pack of youngsters from the sidelines. 

Flag football was being played as far as the eye could see at the Ocean Air Recreation Center. The smiles were back and so was football. 

"Welcome to Friday Night Lights," said Ed on the microphone to dozens of families. "We are really happy with what we were able to create over really the last three weeks," said Ed, who also coaches his son's team in the league.  

"How exciting is this? What, we have six games going at once," said San Diego Councilmember Joe LaCava. "It is just great to see how much energy and excitement there is. These kids are obviously having a blast." Councilmember LaCava said the Orange Tier allows the large gathering to take place with mask wearing.  

Credit: Friday Night Lights in Carmel Valley

Kids like 11-year Mason Alcantara were ready to play some football.  

"I feel great because we get to go back on the field and play football," said Mason.  

Referees are glad to see the children back on the field too. 

"They need it and we need it too, it's really enjoyable, glad to be here," said referee Gregg Scott. Parents could not agree anymore. 

"It feels so good to be out here," said Amy and Ryan Flynn who watched their son Charlie throw his first touchdown in a year. 

"Good job Charlie. All right," they yelled.  

Credit: Friday Night Lights in Carmel Valley

Between games, 8-year-old Eva Mather sang the national anthem. It was more than a year ago when I first met Eva. We watched her light up her neighborhood with singing performances during the stay-at-home order.

Eva's ready for a bigger stage.

"The rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air," sang the little powerhouse with a huge voice. 

The players, parents and referees stand shoulder to shoulder with their hands on their hearts. In the crowd, we found Eva's second-grade teacher Paige Rollins.

 "There is nothing better than this," said Miss Rollins, who was crying. She took off her mask momentarily to wipe her tears away.

Credit: Friday Night Lights in Carmel Valley

"I know this is what we will do with them when we see people," said Miss Rollins.

"I want to sing for the Padres," announced Eva after the crowd erupted in applause. "At Petco Park?" I asked. "At Petco Park," said the 8-year-old with conviction.

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We've all heard enough about COVID-19, how about we come together and focus on some new numbers?  Every kid out there was wearing a jersey with a number and every child deserves to be cheered after the year we lived.

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Eva is dead serious about singing the national anthem at a Petco Park, so if the Padres are watching contact the Zevely Zone and we'll make the introduction.

WATCH: Friday Night Lights are back on in San Diego