SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – When you are an eleven-year-old magician and you win the Gong Show, what do you do for an encore performance?

In Monday’s Zevely Zone, Jeff went to the Gaslamp District to visit the Illusions Theater and Bar to meet James Kellogg – the man with hundreds of tricks up his sleeve.

James won the Gong Show and then traveled the world – performing his act more than 6,000 times. He recently opened his own dinner theater where he will wine you and dine you for more than three hours, but it’s a trick just finding the place.

Jeff made his way through an alley without peeking. There is a lot he can’t report on – like what happens in the escape room, but once inside the magic and mystery awaits.

If you are looking for a unique night out like no other, visit the Illusions Theater and you will find all the magic.