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'Kid Tributes' kicks dad out of rock band

The kid band that plays Tom Petty, Elton John and Hall & Oates is now adult free.

LA MESA, Calif. — When it comes to making music, a kid band should be for kids only with no dads allowed. In this Zevely Zone, I went to La Mesa where the children have taken control. The last time I checked in on the Kid Tributes they were looking for a new band member. Our story must have struck a chord, in fact, it struck two. 

The kid band was started by a dad and his two sons in the middle of the pandemic. "What's up America? We are the Erlichmanns. I'm Daddy, I am Aaron Erlichmann," said Aaron in an online video announcing the launch of the band.  Aaron may have played and sang in the band, but months ago he told me how much cooler he thought it would all be if he didn't. 

"We are actively trying to recruit someone else so I can kick me out, So I can fire myself," said Aaron.

Credit: Kid Tributes

The Zevely Zone put the word out that the band was searching for a new member, boy or girl. As luck would have it both a boy and girl were ready to rock. "I saw the story and I saw them play and I loved the music already because I was already playing that music," said Zoe Benson. 

The 11-year-old loves to play Tom Petty, Hall and Oates and Elton John. The Kid Tributes can play thirty hits from the 80's and 90's which also caught the ear of 12-year-old Max Bernard who crushes the lead guitar.

Credit: Kid Tributes

The addition of Max and Zoe meant, Milo (known as Tiny Petty) and Owen (known as Tiny Dancer) had to give their dad the boot. "Sometimes it's hard, and then again it's like well now we are fully going to be Kids Tributes, before we were Kids and an adult tributes," said Owen. It was a summer of rock. The Kid Tributes played venues across the county. They may be small but show after show the crowds got bigger and bigger. Zoe's dad, Todd, showed us video footage he shot at Coronado's Concert in the Park. 

"I was filming, and I turned around and it was just people everywhere there were thousands of people it was incredible, and they stood up there like they were not fazed by it at all," said Todd. "You know a little tear in the eye watching them."

Credit: Kid Tributes

Speaking of tears, it's official, Aaron is out of the band. "Dad is back to work all the time," laughed Aaron. Before you feel too bad. He's a professional musician with his own band Pop Vinyl.

The rivalry is on for real. "Kids versus dad," said Owen. His dad responded, "Yeah, let's see how this goes."

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The band then ripped Tom Petty's American Girl with the drummer Brixton keeping a perfect rhythm. I'd say by the sound of it, dad is not getting a call back. I kid you not! "Alright I'm out of here, see you later," laughed Aaron.  

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The Kid Tributes next concert will be at the Adams Avenue Street Fair on September 24. For more information visit kidtributes.com. 

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