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Loving couples win free Valentine's Day weddings

Lavender and Olive San Diego offer free weddings to five lucky couples. Two couples will tie the knot on February 14th.

RAMONA, Calif. — What could be better than getting married on Valentine's Day? How about a free wedding? In this Zevely Zone, we reveal the winners of a free wedding contest.

The owners of Lavender and Olive San Diego made their announcements Monday morning.  After reviewing the applicants, Lavender and Olive offered free wedding ceremonies to five lucky couples.Two of those couples have cleared their calendars and agreed to tie the knot on Valentine's Day on CBS 8.  

Credit: Bree Hulan

One of the lucky couples is Theresa and Dale Harrison. The two longtime teachers sent a video of them singing a love song along with a letter describing their 1982 wedding. They got married on a shoestring budget which is very similar to how the owners of the wedding venue, Carolyn and Robin Hoffos, were married 43 years ago. 

In 1982, Theresa and Dale got married in a backyard and hand wrote their wedding invitations. "That's amazing, that is a lot of dedication and a lot of time because it was from their heart," said Carolyn. 

On Valentine's Day, Theresa and Dale have been chosen to renew their vows at a free ceremony. "It's romantic, it's what you got to do. We renewed our vows in Boston," Robin.  

Credit: Theresa and Dale Harrison

The winning couples will receive an officiant, two photographers, a champagne toast, catering and a Deejay. "You have an entire wedding," said Carolyn. It will all be followed by a first dance and reception with a total wedding party of ten people. "They can stay for an hour, or they can stay all day," said Carolyn. 

Along with hosting high end weddings, in the future, Lavender and Olive San Diego will offer Petite Productions for $1,000.  

Credit: Courtney Keich and Meghan Rowe

Carolyn and Robin will also give a free wedding away to a military couple, as soon as the husband returns from his Air Force deployment overseas. "We just decided to give them a wedding at the next Petite Productions. We gave them a rain check. When he is home let's do it."

Credit: Lavender and Olive San Diego

"I think it's going to be great. It will be their wedding and they will remember it forever," said Robin who also announced Courtney Keich and Meghan Rowe will also celebrate a free wedding on Valentine's Day. "They said they wanted to do something non-traditional, and this is non-traditional," said Carolyn.  

Courtney and Meghan recently moved to San Diego and say they are eager to start a family. "We are going to have a lot of laughter we are going to have a lot of smiles everybody is going to be excited," said Carolyn.

Both couples will celebrate their special events on Valentine's Day in the Zevely Zone on CBS 8. For more information about the Ramona wedding venue, Lavender and Olive San Diego click here.

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