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Maverick and Goose visit Oceanside's Top Gun House

CBS 8 is celebrating Top Gun Week in honor of the movie sequel's release on May 27.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — On Friday, May 27, the sequel to the Top Gun movie will finally be released to the public. CBS 8 is celebrating the much-anticipated movie with our own Top Gun Week. In this Zevely Zone, Goose and Maverick visited the Top Gun House in Oceanside. Maverick was played by well-known Tom Cruise impersonator Jerome LeBlanc. Goose was played by feature reporter Jeff Zevely. "Goose?" said  Maverick. "How have you been? Have you seen Charlie. Maybe she is inside?"

Credit: CaliforniaTomCruise@gmail.com

The historic Top Gun House is now open to the public as the home of The HIGH-Pie, a new bakery concept from restaurateur Tara Lazar that serves up signature hand pies. The opening of the restored classic 1887 bungalow featured in the 1986 Top Gun film marks the final phase of Mission Pacific Hotel and sister property The Seabird Resort.

The house was the movie setting for a steamy love scene in the original Top Gun movie between Maverick and Charlie. "We feel the need, the need for speed," said Maverick as he was mobbed by fans. "Hello, you've got Charley's hair, I like it, take my breath away," said Maverick.  

Credit: CaliforniaTomCruise@gmail.com

The last time Maverick visited the house he was late for a date. He was playing volleyball and Charlie was upset. "We had some white wine and I believe we had some apple pie and that brought back that loving feeling right away, ha, ha," said Maverick as he entered the home calling for his love interest. "Charlie, Charlie you here?"

"Things have changed since 1986, this is no longer Charlie's house. We are actually HIGH-Pie. We are selling pies and I want to see if you guys wanted some?" said HIGH-Pie server Joey Camarata.

Credit: CaliforniaTomCruise@gmail.com

"I am going to go first because I'm dangerous," laughed Maverick diving into a pie. "Goodness gracious great balls of fire," said Maverick.  Some things never change. Maverick is still cool, the ladies love him, he flies so fast, and have you heard him sing? "You're trying hard not to show it, but baby, baby you know it, you lost that loving feeling," sang Maverick to the HIGH-Pie staff.  "Oh, baby baby, I'd get down on my knee for you if you would only love me like you used to do," sang Maverick. 

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The HIGH-pie was conceived by chef and restaurateur Tara Lazar of F10 Hospitality. The menu also features mini pie a-la-modes, filled with housemade mascarpone ice cream, fried, and then baked to order, along with beverages such as iced and hot coffee drinks, kombuchas and fizzy cider. After falling into disrepair, the house was painstakingly rehabilitated to historic standards by ownership group S.D. Malkin Properties, Inc., under the guidance of the Oceanside Historical Society and Save Our Heritage Organization.

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Tom Cruise impersonator, Jerome Leblanc lives in San Diego County with his wife and kids. If you'd like to book Jerome for a party, you can contact him by email at CaliforniaTomCruise@gmail.com.

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