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Native American tribes believe 'Water Prayer' delivered record rainfall

Spirit Runners will end 3,200 mile journey at Run with the Sun Music Festival on June 16-17.

EL CAJON, Calif. — Native American Tribes across the United States are praying for the restoration of Mother Earth and water. In this Zevely Zone, I met the 'Chief Spirit Runner' and share how we can all celebrate his 'Water Prayer'. 

Last summer, Bobby Wallace from the Barona Band of Mission Indians prayed for water. He carried sea water from San Diego to the state of Maine and mixed it with, "This is real Atlantic Ocean water," said Bobby. "Without water we won't survive."

The Run with the Sun aims to bring people together, share love of Mother Earth, and celebrate lives through a water prayer run and music festival.  

Credit: Run with the Sun Music Festival

Bobby and Spirit Runners are running with that water 3,200 miles from Maine to San Diego. "We took it through Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York," said Bobby. "The hopes are for more water and more snowpack."

Credit: Run with the Sun Music Festival

Bobby shared his water prayer with Candace Christman who is also from the Barona Band of Mission Indians. "It's spiritual," said Candace. "It's personal, it's been a personal journey and it started last year." Candace traveled from Arizona to Idaho praying at waterfalls, in hopes of, "Bringing everybody together," she said. 

On that trip, knowing that Bobby was on a cross-country water prayer of his own, Candace wasn't surprised to see rivers and lakes start to overflow. "It is part of my life, I live it every day," said Candace.

Credit: Run with the Sun Music Festival

The tradition of water prayers goes back centuries. Dean Osuna from the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel is organizing a music festival on the Sycuan Reservation the day Bobby arrives. 

"Oh man, I have envisioned it a million times and I can see him running in with a thousand people behind him his spirit runners and thousand people behind him coming in to be honored right here amongst his people to bring joy and water, water, water, water to all of us," said Dean.  

Credit: Run with the Sun Music Festival

The Run with the Sun Music Festival will last two days on two stages with twenty-three bands. "It doesn't matter what color your skin is light skin, dark skin, whatever you may be, everybody wants a little bit better in this life," said Bobby who will pour his prayer water back into the Pacific. "It's all connected, it really is, the oceans have no border. It is all one," said Bobby.  

California received historic amounts of rain and snow this winter. Many Native Americans believe the water prayer made it rain. "I am just a guy and had an idea and this is really what it is right here this is for everyone," said Bobby.

The Run with the Sun water prayer began on July 10th, 2022, with the Passamaquoddy people at the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in the state of Maine. A ceremony consisting of a blessing, prayer, songs from the Passamaquoddy Women Singers. A celebration held in Sycuan, a Kumeyaay Nation, June 16th and June 17th will consist of an Honoring for those who took part in the journey and a family friendly weekend of events.

The music festival will feature artists of all genres including national acts, international recording artists, local bands, cultural performances, vendors, and local artisans. The festival will be an opportunity to showcase those in our community and allow people to have a unique experience.

For more information about the Run with the Sun Music Festival click here.

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