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North Park couple fixes up troubled home in their neighborhood

Maria and Kevin Piechota are looking for a $2 million buyer after the complete renovation.

SAN DIEGO — A husband and wife in North Park who fixed up a troubled property on their street are looking for a buyer. In this Zevely Zone, I revisited an eyesore of a property on the corner of Granada and Landis for a fixer follow you have to see. 

The old house that was built in 1916 had bushes so big in front of it, transients lived in them like park. On the inside of the home, the trash was piled four feet high.

Kevin and Maria Piechota live across the street from the property and thought what if they could give it some love. Neighbors are pleased. "They've been so grateful, so thankful that we turned a corner lot into what we knew it could be," said Maria. Kevin is a realtor.

Credit: Kevin and Maria Piechota

Maria will never forget the day, he told her he wanted team up with two contractors and buy the house for a million dollars. Maria said, "That house?"  

With the seller's permission, Kevin squeezed through a window to take a first look and make a quick offer.  

Credit: Kevin and Maria Piechota

When he saw the home's potential, Maria had to take his word for it. "I didn't even enter the home myself just because of the shape it was in for health reasons for protecting myself and little one," said Maria.

The couple is expecting their second child in June and glad the tough work is behind them. "I think the dumpster pool went up to ten. I think nine in total," said Kevin.

Credit: Kevin and Maria Piechota

The before and after pictures from the 1916 bungalow are stunning.  "The doors, the door frames," said Kevin while giving me a tour to show me all of the upgrades. Kevin and Maria updated almost everything without losing the home's charm. They can hardly believe it is the same house. "No, it's hard to believe at times," said Kevin. But wait there's more. The old Craftsman also has a rental unit and two car garage. "Separate address, separate meter, separate entrance and completely private from the main house," said Maria.

Credit: Kevin and Maria Piechota

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The Piechotas were worried that a large lot with two units could have brought the unknown from a developer. "A minimum of a ten-unit apartment complex," said Maria.

Credit: Kevin and Maria Piechota

The property is listed for two million dollars and if early Open Houses are any indication, they will find a buyer soon. "The reaction that we got from the people who have seen the transformation is quite touching," said Maria.  

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Maybe the best part? Who said you can't choose your own neighbors? "We pulled it off. We did, we pulled it off," said Kevin. For more information about the property and a link to Kevin's real state website click here.

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