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Patient thanks doctor with surprise violin performance

Oncologist from Sharp Rees-Steely Medical Group says 'Act of Kindness' was music to his ears.

SAN DIEGO — For just two minutes wouldn't it be nice to take a break and have someone thank you for a job well done? In this Zevely Zone, I visited the Sharp Rees-Steely Medical Group in Kearny Mesa for a surprise violin performance.

"Hi there, oh my goodness, how are you doing?" asked Dr. Hardeep Phull. The oncologist didn't have time to ask about his patient's health before Francesca Savage asked for two minutes of his time and whipped out her violin and started playing.  

Credit: KFMB TV

Francesca is a professional musician who wanted to thank her doctor the best way she knew how. "I had nausea and anxiety 24/7. I am not kidding you all day long," said Francesca. "I thought I was going to die I weighed 100 pounds." That is until she met, Dr. Phull two years ago who made Francesca feel so much better.

Credit: KFMB TV

Dr. Phull is an oncologist with the Sharp Rees-Steely Medical Group who thought their appointment was going to be medical not musical. "Instead, she just shocked me and took me away and played this beautiful piece," said a smiling Dr. Phull. The doctor said COVID-19 has been stressful and it felt wonderful to let his patient comfort him. "It was pure bliss. It was the first time that week I closed my eyes and just let her do something for me, it was just very touching," said Dr. Phull.

Credit: KFMB TV

The first time Francesca performed for Dr. Phull was during an online computer appointment but for the sake of this television story she wanted to perform an in-person encore performance. Dr. Phull hopes healthcare workers across the country can see and hear her act of kindness.  "I want this to go an inspire other doctors who are feeling like I did who are tired and exhausted and just needed something inspiring for a change," said Dr. Phull.

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As wonderful as the performance was, it was Francesca's final comment that was music to Dr. Phull's ears. "An angel, an angel, Dr. Phull saved my life," said Francesca.

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Francesca and Dr. Phull say if you have someone you like to thank for job well done, it only takes two minutes.

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