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New owner of Peterson's Donut Corner promises to not change anything

The iconic Escondido donut shop was family owned since 1981 before being sold in 2021.

The iconic Peterson's Donut Corner in Escondido recently sold. If you're worried that may mean a new name or menu, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

In this Zevely Zone, I met the shop's new owner. 

I don't know if you've ever stood on the corner of 9th Avenue and Escondido Boulevard, but it's kind of a thing. "The biggest donuts I've ever seen in my life," said Bill Coiner as he approached the walk-up donut stand. Bill told me he drove from Los Angeles for a box of delightful Peterson's Donuts. "Ha, ha, I'm crazy," said Bill. 

When I doubted his story of the long drive, Bill offered to show me his home address on his driver's license. When I asked him why he would drive two hours for donuts he told me, "Because this place is amazing there is nothing like this place."

Credit: CBS 8

Donut fanatics like Bill are the exact reason, Peterson's Donut Corner has had the market cornered on maple bars since 1981. 

"I'm Anthony. It's good to meet you," said Anthony who is the shop's new owner. On January 1, Anthony Deeb and a few silent partners bought the shop from the legendary Peterson Family. "It's a fun adventure that I am very blessed to have the opportunity to do," said Anthony. 

He took us for a tour behind the scenes of the shop where the magic happens. "Without these guys in the back this does not happen," said Anthony pointing to one of his lead bakers Rolando Rangel who has worked there for 25 years. 

Anthony is still getting introduced to the staff and the donuts. "Maple Bacon, Chocolate Zebras, Oreo Donuts," said Lu Lu Moreno has managed the shop for 13 years. I asked if the donuts were always that big? "Always," said Lu Lu.  

Credit: CBS 8

Just the mention of the Peterson family retiring brought Lu Lu to tears. "I like the job first of all my bosses are really nice," said Lu Lu. "I know she loved the Petersons, she really did," said Anthony. "It's a family atmosphere and I don't want to change any of that, if we can even make it better than that is our goal."  

The Petersons finally sold the business after 40 years since taking over in 1981. "You got to have them every day," said customer Alex Nario. John and Shirley Schwaesdall from Ramona drove down to make sure the place was left in good hands. "Nice guy, nice, very nice," said the couple after meeting Anthony.  

Credit: CBS 8

"I wanted to give you a little hello. Appreciate you coming in," said Anthony to Dan Curry who has been a customer for thirty years. When Dan heard no changes would be made to the menu he said, "That's great. That's fantastic."  

Credit: CBS 8

After all, in business there are two rules: The customer is always right and if it ain't broke don't fix it. "If he changes anything he has ruined the place. Don't change anything!" said Bill Coiner before driving back to LA. "These donuts are going to remain the same," said Anthony. "You don't ever change anything that works. Right? Bye bye. You folks have a good day. We'll see you soon."

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Peterson's Donut Corner is currently open 24 hours a day, five days a week, Wednesday through Sunday. Anthony says he is working on opening the store on Tuesdays as well. 

The shop is located at 903 S. Escondido Boulevard in Escondido. For more information about their eight-pound donut that doubles a cake call 760-745-7774. 

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