SAN DIEGO — Following Saturday's synagogue shooting, students, teachers and staff members are getting unified at Poway Unified.  

In Tuesday's Zevely Zone, Jeff Zevely went to Twin Peaks Middle School to attend a special assembly to promote love and unity. The assembly was a brief pause from academics, so students could search for more difficult answers.  

The student choir sang, "When I Lift My Voice May it be for Good."

"What would make you go to that edge to make you do that? Why would you do that?"  asked one middle school student referring to the alleged shooter.

Students lined up to share their thoughts. 

"It was a devastating loss to this community. I feel like this should never really happen here in Poway," said one student.

The shooting left all of San Diego in a dark valley, so students decided there was no time like the present than to share this message for all to hear. 

"We can't let this go unchecked. It is so terrible," said another student. 

Choir Director Ruth Wong said times like these call for the strength of Poway.

"We are standing up for love and against hate," she said.

The students are sending thank you and sympathy cards to first responders and victims. It never gets old receiving inspiration from the young. 

What started with an act of hate, ends with a song about love. 

The ceremony concludes with these lyrics from the choir, "When I lift my voice, it will only unite us. I lift my voice."

Students at Twin Peaks Middle School sing a song about love and unity then sign thank you and sympathy cards to show they are Poway Strong. Poway Unified School District