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Put some magic in date night at The Prestige Magic Lounge and Showroom

The Spring Fling promotion offers dinner and magic show starting at $65 a seat.

SAN DIEGO — During the depths of the pandemic, some of us wondered if it would take 'magic' to somehow return life to normal. 


In this Zevely Zone, I revisited a magician in the Gaslamp Quarter for dinner and a show where you can put a little magic in your next date night.

I don't want to give away every surprise, but maybe I can tease you by mentioning a towering fireplace that opens to a hidden room where Gaslamp Quarter revelers discover a secret stage. That is where I met magician Derek Ostovani. He was performing a trick with a coin moving up his sleeve. "Up the sleeve over there, back over there and the last one over there," said Ostovani.  

I first met Ostovani during the height of the COVID quarantine in July 2020, when he was forced to take his act online. Derek is no longer performing from his kitchen. He is back on-stage performing face to face with guests where he can fool them in front of their own eyes.

Credit: CBS 8

Derek performs with magicians from all over the world at The Prestige Magic Lounge and Showroom. "We have people coming out from Argentina, Canada, all over," said Ostovani. 

If a boring, normal night out with your someone special isn't in the cards, you now know where to find the magic. "Date night is super popular here, you make a reservation ahead of time you get a three-course meal come in a little bit early hang out in this beautiful lounge, you can see all of the décor, I'm one of the resident magicians here," said Ostovani.

Credit: CBS 8

While Ostovani and others entertain you throughout the night, you and your date can enjoy craft cocktails and a meal to remember. Chef Alejandro Sanchez is not a magician, but when food is this good, like the prime rib, it has a way of disappearing. "Well people say that it is absolutely delicious," said Chef Sanchez.  

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The Prestige Magic Lounge and Showroom also has a sister location in La Jolla called Mystique Dining. "That one is a five-course dinner," said Ostovani. 

Starting at $100 per person, The Prestige opened on Valentine's Day and offers a completely new and different experience. Guests to The Prestige first enter the lounge where they discover the unique décor and furnishings. This is their opportunity to consult Zoltar and hear him speak your fortune! You can also immerse yourself in the history of MAGIC. 

At your designated seating time, passage to their showroom is revealed and you enter a grand surrounding of magic history. The parlor style dinner experience includes salad, choice of entrée and a dessert presentation. Once dessert is cleared your experience is capped by 45 minute magic show.

Credit: CBS 8

"Come with me this way," said Ostovani. Before you leave make sure you find the time to stop by the world's most famous fortune teller. "The Great Zoltar sees much happiness for you," said Zoltar who told me that my good fortune would include a lifelong job at CBS 8. 

Thanks Zoltar!

Credit: CBS 8

The Prestige experience lasts approximately two and a half hours. At their evening dinner shows guests can choose an entrée from Prime Rib, chicken, vegetarian lasagna or Vermont macaroni and cheese (add chicken or lobster if you wish).

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If you'd like to book dinner and a show for any date in 2022, a Spring Fling promotion is currently offering 35% off all seats. The promo code is SPRING 35. For more information click here.

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