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Goat milking and so much more at the San Diego County Fair

Food, rides, music: Fairgoers ask the question, "Where else can you have this much fun?"

DEL MAR, Calif. — The San Diego County Fair is in full swing, the rides, the food, the goat milking. In this Zevely Zone, I experienced first-hand why the fair is a San Diego summertime must.  

This year’s theme for the San Diego County Fair is “Heroes Reunite.” Reuniting is perhaps the best word to describe what you will see at the fair. The crowds are back and there is so much to do! 

"We're getting you a goat. You want a goat? Time's a wasting here," said Jacky Eshelby. She is the fair's director of Agriculture and Education. You just never know what kind of fun is waiting for you at the fair.

Credit: CBS 8

"So, they go to a milking stand," said Jacky. "You get to perform for all of these little kids." My first time milking a goat required some instructions. "First what you want to do is clean off her utter, she's been hanging out and there is some dirt in there," said goat expert Tatiana Woliung.  

Credit: CBS 8

The fair is a walk on the wild side with talented people like unicycle performer Mark Wilder and The Wilder Show. "I'm doing it," yelled Mark while juggling on his unicycle. "Where else can you do this?" asked Mark.  

"Where else can you do this?" asked a huge family taking a group picture in front of the Australian Battered Potato Stand. "Where else can you mug for the camera?" asked another group of people mugging for our CBS 8 camera.  

Credit: CBS 8

You better bring a camera because memories are for the making. "Old McDonald had a farm," I sang while milking my new friend. "Her name is Janet," said Tatiana. "You just got to get used to it and build up that hand strength."

Credit: CBS 8

I collected about two tablespoons in a bucket after milking for 20 minutes. "There you go, you got it," said Tatiana.  "I am in a rhythm," I said. "Where else could you do this?" Around here, fun just falls out of the sky. "Where else can you do this?" asked some teenagers standing next to a really fast fair ride. "Where else can you win this?" asked a boy holding a huge prize.  

Credit: CBS 8

"Where else can you be this exhausted?" said two women sitting down on a bench. You'll need a nap too after all that food. "Where else can you eat this?" asked two little girls holding frozen bananas. "Where else can you get this," asked a woman holding a huge plate of fries. When you go to the fair promise me, you'll try something new. "Goat milk tastes similar to cow's milk," said Tatiana.  "Are you ready?" I asked the crowd. "You can only do this at the fair," I said taking a big drink of white stuff out of a jar.  

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You can see life size superheroes at the Hall of Heroes Exhibit and organizers say everyone is excited for this year’s fair after being closed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Some people come just for the food and other people come actually for the shopping and they’ll spend all day shopping, and of course those that come for the rides,” said the fair's marketing genius Jennifer Hellman.

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The fair grounds are open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Closing day is on Monday, July 4th. For more information on what you need to know before getting in the car and heading to the fair, click here.

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