SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – As San Diego changes, there are not many dive bars left where everybody knows your name.

In Thursday’s Zevely Zone, Jeff pulled up a stool in Middletown at the Aero Club Bar – a place that serves beer and whiskey.

Chad Cline and Rocky Nichols, who are cousins, were afraid their old watering hole was going to get torn down, so they bought it. The cousins swallowed a $1.4 million price tag without worry of overpaying.

The Aero Club was opened in 1947, by a female pilot named Marian Profit. She called it the Aero Club for her love of flying, and wanted a place for her and her pilot friends.

Born and raised in San Diego, Chad and Rocky said anybody can rip down and replace a structure, but you cannot build a dive bar. The cousins promised to not fix the bar up, but to lover her for all her bumps and bruises.

The Aero Club stocks more than 1,000 kinds of whiskey! Visit their website for more information about the saloon.