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San Diego cuts 'red tape' to 'going green'

The City of San Diego encourages sustainability at home through urban farming.

SAN DIEGO — Who says living within the City of San Diego means you can't enjoy owning bees, chickens, goats and more? In this Zevely Zone, city officials gave me the first look at their urban farming website that offers information and assistance for raising livestock and bees, and creating vegetable gardens.

Credit: Girl Next Door Honey

Arian Collins, with City of San Diego, says up until now going green in San Diego may have felt like a lot of red tape.

"You'd have to go to the Park and Recreation Department for this, the library for this, to Developmental Services for this, all of these different departments," said Collins.

So the city is launching an urban farming website to offer a one-stop shop of encouragement for residents to get gardens, goats, chickens and bees.

"Since COVID-19, have you seen more interest in urban farming?" I asked.

Credit: Girl Next Door Honey

Collins responded, "Oh yeah, people are more interested in the sense they've been at home more and so they are thinking what are they going to do while I am here at home."

Credit: Girl Next Door Honey

Due the pandemic, Hilary Kearney's in-person beekeeping sessions are on hold, but her online classes are buzzing. Hilary is best known as being the founder of Girl Next Door Honey

We suited up to see some of her favorite little creatures. She knows the ABCs of bees.

Credit: KFMB TV

"So this is all made from them, this is all beeswax, and this is honey being made in here," said Hilary. 

"You will really learn if it's for you," she said.

I asked, "Do people have a lot of questions when it comes to bees?" 

Hilary said, "Oh absolutely, yeah even people who are not necessarily interested in becoming beekeepers once you start finding cool things about them you're like what?"

Credit: KFMB TV

The City of San Diego has found the same to be true about urban gardening. By collecting all of the answers to frequently asked questions, the city hopes residents will swarm to their website like bees to honey. I tried a few of the most popular questions out on Arian Collins.

Credit: KFMB TV

"Why do bees sting? Are goats noisy?  Are chickens dirty? How do I deal with chicken poop?" I asked.

He told me, "Good questions you'll find that on our website."

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For more information, visit the City’s Urban Farming website at www.sandiego.gov/urban-farming

To find more information about Girl Next Door Honey go to www.girlnextdoorhoney.com

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