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San Diego's 'Lady Tyson' becomes USA boxing champion

The 32-year old former 'Golden Gloves' champion completed an epic comeback.

SAN DIEGO — Never question the heart of a champion. In this Zevely Zone, I stepped back into the ring with San Diego's new national champion boxer, Dee Moran. A few weeks ago, I met Dee at the Arena Boxing Gym where she promised to bring the belt back to San Diego. 

"I did it!" said Dee while holding her new championship belt. 

In her younger years, Dee won the Golden Gloves twice but after giving up boxing for 5 years it would take some Rocky magic to re-enter the ring.  "I am old, in the boxing world, yes, I am old. I am 32 years old and going to be 33 this year," said Dee. 

But off to Louisiana she went to compete in the USA National Boxing Championships. Dee was unseeded in her weight class at 125 pounds. With nothing to lose in the semi-finals, she faced the third-ranked boxer in the country.

"Jennifer Lopez, but not, Jenny from the Block, Dee's block," said Dee with a smile. The only block that mattered inside those ropes was the block Dee was trying to knock off her opponent's body. 

There's a reason she's nicknamed Lady Tyson. "I was just out for blood, I just could not wait, and you'll see in the videos when the bell rings, I am running," said Dee.

Credit: Dee Moran

Dee grew up in an abusive household and said that as a child she was hit often, so boxing is her way of standing up for herself and other victims with a message that's got some punch. 

"Stay focused on your dreams and aspirations and you'll get out of it, there is a better future," said Dee. 

Credit: Dee Moran

We asked her to demonstrate how she pulled off the ultimate comeback.

She blasted my padded hands with punches. Dee said to put the work in and when it's your time to shine, you too can be a champion and have the hardware to prove it. 

"I just felt so confident, so sure and so prepared. Ultimately, I was not going to walk out of that ring not being a champion," said Dee.

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It was finally time to meet her little buddy. "This is my belt, this is my baby girl right here, so proud of her," said Dee. 

And San Diego is proud of Dee Moran.

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Dee is waiting to hear from the USA Boxing Program to tell her what's next. She's hoping to fight internationally possibly in the Pan American Games.

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