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San Diego's singing deputy in the Zevely Zone

The same voice he let loose on the playground, is used to communicate with students as a school resource officer.

SAN DIEGO — In today's modern world it's useful to have multiple skills. So, imagine the benefits of carrying a gun and a tune to serve the community.

"Doctor Debora do you copy?" 

Deputy Roland Garza is speaking into his hand radio as he strolls the campus of San Elijo Middle School in San Marcos.

"You are not bashful?" asked Jeff in Wednesday's Zevely Zone. 

"No, I'm not bashful at all," responds Deputy Garza.  

"How about performing right here?" asked Zevely who is thinking there is no way this tough law enforcement officer was going to start singing in the middle of campus.  

"Oh yeah, I could perform right here. You all ready? Alright, 'In the still of the night, I held you, held you tight," Deputy Garza launches into the classic doo wop ballad from 1956. 

Raised in Escondido, Deputy Garza's grandfather, was a Mariachi singer in Mexico. As a young boy, Garza started singing too.  

Walking into a classroom filled with students, he asked "Hey guys how are you doing? You want to be on TV?" Garza says. 

The same voice he let loose on the playground, is used to communicate with students as a school resource officer.  

"I think what they see is we are human. We are the same just as they are," says Garza. 

The school's principal, Dr. Gary DeBora said Garza's background helps students open up and that makes the campus safer. 

"I don't know if you would expect that from a law enforcement officer but you would expect that from a person trying to make a living in bars and honky tonks," Dr. DeBora who knows a campus stand-out when he sees one. 

"Looks like he is really enjoying what he is doing," says Dr. DeBora.

Garza started singing professionally at 15 years old and admits during those early years he looked like, "Menudo," Garza chimes in with a full belly laugh.

Music was his passion, but it wasn't paying the bills so Garza started singing a different tune as a San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy six years ago.  

His special skills are now being called into duty. Garza sings at department events and even belts out the national anthem at Padre games at Petco Park.

"Singing from my heart brings me the most joy," says Garza.  

The musician who grew up in Escondido, now serenades his wife and three children. 

"As long as I have a mic, I'll keep singing. I'm good."  

We thank him for keeping us all safe, with little to no back up at least not at this story. 

Deputy Garza is scheduled to sing the national anthem again at the Padre game at Petco Park on Friday, July 12.