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Scripps Ranch girl takes a swing at custom made piñatas

Customers can order piñatas in all shapes and sizes from tacos, surfboards, cupcakes to the COVID-19 bug.

SAN DIEGO — Throughout the pandemic, children have learned all sorts of new skills from sewing to gardening to painting. But a 12-year-old in Scripps Ranch is getting creative. In this Zevely Zone I took a swing at one of her custom made piñatas. "This is where I put down all of my current orders," said Hazel Sharifi. If you're planning a summer celebration, this seventh-grader wants to remind you piñatas go great with parties.

Credit: hgspartypinatas@gmail.com

We looked at pictures of some of her best work. "It's a cat. That was a fox one I did for my friend Anna," said Hazel. "That is the soccer ball one. That's a surfboard one. I did that one for my dad."

 "I am really proud of her," said Hazel's father Beaux.  His daughter's piñata passion started during COVID. "Hazel has always loved to plan parties," said Hazel's mother Sarah. Her daughter was doing just that for her little sister Oakley. But when Hazel tried to buy a piñata, "I went online and I was really disappointed," said Hazel.  She felt the piñatas were sub-par and thought she could do better. So, she bought glue, tape, scissors, lots of paper. Not only did Hazel stock up on supplies, but she also got her hands on more toilet paper rolls than a TV reporter has puns. "You're a roll," I said. "You're wiping up."

Credit: hgspartypinatas@gmail.com

We went into Hazel's workshop where she was hard at work. For 30 to 50 dollars, Hazel will custom craft the piñata of your dreams. "You have theme, color, size, texture and durability," said Hazel. That's right, for a boy's birthday party she can the piñatas Mega-Strong and almost unbreakable. Her work is quite impressive. "That was a giant cupcake one I did. Those were Valentine's Day," said Hazel. "A dump truck I did for my cousin."

Credit: hgspartypinatas@gmail.com

Some of Hazel's work may spark your appetite. "It's a taco with tissue paper lettuce and tomato," said Hazel. "I was really hungry while I was making it, ha, ha." I asked her how long it takes her to make a piñata. "It totally depends on the piñata usually about one to two weeks," said Hazel.

 The orders keep coming and so do the new ideas. "This is going to be a future Lego brick," said Hazel. "This is going to be a pool."

Credit: hgspartypinatas@gmail.com

I had to ask, "Can I destroy one of your piñatas?"  Her little brother Oliver's eyes lit up and he shouted, "The COVID one!!" One of Hazel's best sellers is the bug we all want to exterminate. "You break it you buy it," said Hazel.

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So, I tied on a blindfold and grabbed a stick. "That is a risk I am willing to take," I said. "COVID prepare to die."  

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I hit nothing but air as the elusive piñata danced on a string. "This sucker is kind of hard to kill," I said. "This must be the Delta variant."  

Hazel wants to be a veterinarian when she grows us up which is why donates 10-percent of every sale to an animal shelter. If you'd like to order a custom made piñata, Hazel's email address is hgspartypinatas@gmail.com