SPRING VALLEY, Calif. — The devastating bushfires of Australia may have been 8,000 miles away from San Diego, but that hasn't stopped a Spring Valley woman from helping out with her sewing machine. 

In this Zevely Zone, I went to Spring Valley to meet a special woman with a big heart. 

"Just a basic workshop," said Patsy Ford, as she showed me around her gigantic sewing room.

Patsy Ford and Jeff Zevely

Patsy Ford, who is 84-year-old, is the master of her one woman workshop that is packed with projects. 

"Well I've been making quilts ever since I retired 30 years ago," said Patsy.  

She usually used her skills to help the homeless and victims of domestic abuse, but a few weeks ago she decided to hop into action from Spring Valley to help koalas and kangaroos. 

"Why not?" she asked with a big smile.

"This is where I've been making the bags, these are just a pocket and it's designed for the marsupials in Australia."

Patsy Ford

When Patsy saw the suffering, she just had pitch in with pouches for animals.

"They are being rescued and they are either injured or orphaned by the fires," said Patsy. 

She's sewn about a 100 of them which the Red Cross in Washington State plans to ship off to the Land Down Under.  

"It's like a marsupial pouch and they keep the little guys tucked away in here when they sleep. Those little babies suck their toes just like a human baby," said Patsy.

Patsy lives at Covenant Living at Mount Miguel. When Patsy moved into the retirement community three years ago, she moved into a one bedroom unit but she needed more space. As luck would have it, the facility's executive director and his family were moving out of a 4,000-square-foot house so Patsy moved into that huge space with her huge heart.  

"I am getting my reward before I get my reward," said Patsy.

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Heaven knows she won't accept a dime for any of her work, but if you did insist on helping her should she told us what she will accept. 

"A six pack of water and a spool of thread," she said.  

A spool of thread to keep the operation going and water to quench her thirst. She is working hard!  

"I love to sew, that is just who I am," said Patsy. 

Eventually Patsy will have some roommates in her big house, but for now she says she has plenty of space to spread out and sew.