SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – When someone says, ‘thank you,’ it is customary and polite to say, ‘you are welcome’ – unless you want to take it to the next level.

In Wednesday’s Zevely Zone, Jeff went to Scripps Memorial La Jolla to meet Babajan Mirzai, who for the past 28 years has been known as the “Thank You Man.”

Babajan crew up in Iran. He is happily married and proud father of two children. When he was 24-years-old he moved to America.

Cindy Steckel, the hospital’s chief operating executive, said Babajan’s spirit is contagious.

While some people who show up at a hospital can be grumpy, Babajan has a way of making anyone’s day brighter. He came up with the ‘Thank You’ routine on a Thanksgiving Day.

Babajan has worked at Scripps Memorial La Jolla for almost 30 years. His daughter has grown up to become a doctor.