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The "best bathroom view" in San Diego is at the Balboa Park Golf Course

San Diego's Balboa Park Golf Course has a bathroom with the best views in town.

SAN DIEGO — I am a pretty hard-working television feature reporter, but every once in a while I'm up for sitting down on the job. A viewer recently told me to check out the best view of San Diego from a bathroom, and so, I traveled to the Balboa Park Golf Course to take a swing at the story. 

One hundred years after the City of San Diego opened the course, I was suddenly standing (then sitting) in the small room with a big view.

"Have you ever seen a better view from a bathroom before? I mean look at that. Even if you suck at golf, going before you go is the perfect moment. " said golf starter Anthony Tavernier.

I approach an unnamed man who works in the golf shop and ask: "Is this the bathroom that keeps the regulars, regular?"

"I get to see it often," says the mystery man with a guarded laugh. 

I ask him, "Are you going there right now?" 

He responds, "I am." 

I follow the man until the situation gets completely awkward and he turns to me and says, "Okay, awkward enough."

Twenty-five years of reporting and I can tell you first-hand, sometimes a story takes you places that you don't want to go. 

I almost feel bad for Tim Graham. He is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He also works for the City of San Diego as a public information officer. I tell him, "Anything you say. The mayor is going to hear. " 

Graham responds, "That is correct." 

Graham's whole career could get flushed down the toilet if he doesn't "handle" this story just right. He tells me, "Well, there are a lot of really nice views here at Balboa Park Golf Course, on the tee, in the restaurant and in the clubhouse. " 

"I didn't really think about the bathroom so much but after you called, yeah, it does really have a nice view in there."

Just doing my job here. 

Remember, a viewer contacted me and demanded a Zevely Zone investigation. But I can understand the city's hesitation, there are millions of tourism dollars at stake right?

So, I circle back to Tavernier, the golf starter, who tells me not to worry. 

"I'll have a tourist drive up and say, 'my God the view from your bathroom is incredible' and you just giggle and say, 'for a public golf course you couldn't do any better.'"

Okay, time to talk to a tourist myself, so I wait for Keith Wilson to exit the bathroom. Keith is a first-timer to the bathroom and tells me he has never seen sailboats on the sea in Sacramento. I tell him, "We just wanted to make sure you washed your hands." 

I then ask him, "Did you enjoy the view?" He said, "I did wash my hands and that is a really nice view."

OK, more digging. 

After all, I've got to make it look like I worked today right? I meet Chris Tobey, the owner of Tobey's 19th Hole Cafe

He tells me he visits the bathroom often. 

"Oh, yes, everyday, about every day," he says with a smirk. 

Tobey tells me patrons can get the same view from his cafe deck while enjoying delicious food - and all at the third oldest restaurant in San Diego. 

I'm still clearly causing trouble when I remind him that means people have been doing their business next to his business for a long time. 

"Since 1934. On July Fourth we'll have our 85th anniversary," Tobey said.

The only problem I hear with the bathroom is people often stay in there for 40 minutes at a time. 

Can you blame them? The view is incredible. 

The bathroom is a hole-in-one. 

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