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Tiki Man finds paradise at home in his own backyard

Phil Falcon wears the biggest P.P.E. mask you've ever seen.

SAN DIEGO — It's possible you have a buddy who built a tropical paradise in their back yard. But I guarantee you never seen pandemic personal protection equipment like this. 

I went to South San Diego to meet Tiki Man and he is wearing a mask that is as big as a boogie board.  

My first reaction? "I don't know what to say. I really don't," I said. 

"It was a labor of tiki," said the Tiki Man Phil Falcon.

His front and back yards are filled with tikis and palapas. His obsession started on a surf trip to Baja twenty years ago hanging out eating lobsters and surfing. Usually, when people visit Mexico they come home with a love for the food, but instead of tacos, it was tikis for Phil. 

"And the first client I had was Disneyland of all things. Literally they had me come up on a Friday that was easy I called in sick for UPS," said Phil. 

You heard that right. Before Tiki Man was born Phil worked for UPS for 27 years. This guy delivers alright; his tikis and palapas all over the county.

Credit: www.Tiki-Madness.com

"I mean from here, East County, North County Inland, East County inland, where it's hot that is where they want the shade," said Phil.

You know you are in the banzai big leagues when you have a 2,500-pound tiki at your front door, a tiki mailbox on the curb and a San Diego Charger - Rest in Peace - tiki in your backyard.

Credit: www.Tiki-Madness.com

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From Mission Bay High to SDSU, Tiki Man tells a classic San Diego story. No surprise to hear that Tiki Man has surfed his entire life all over the world. One of the reasons he bought his house is that on a clear day if he stands on his tippy toes he can see the surf in Imperial Beach.  

Credit: www.Tiki-Madness.com
Credit: www.Tiki-Madness.com

Not a bad life. Feast at the surfboard table. Nap in the hammock. 

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"I hang out here by myself quite a bit," said Phil.

Credit: www.Tiki-Madness.com

If your summer plans get canceled, you may consider taking a Corona-cation in your own back yard. If you're interested in building a tiki paradise in your backyard you can visit the Tiki Madness website here.

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