POWAY (NEWS 8) – A young North County woman is not asking what Poway can do for her, but what she can do for Poway.

In Friday’s Zevely Zone, she explains the challenge that Poway mayor, Steve Vaus, suggested in 2016 at her civic class in high school that she couldn't walk away from.

Emily Johnson is only 20-years-old and is running for mayor of Poway. She is a graduate of Poway High School. After earning an associates degree from Miramar College, she launched her campaign.

Current Poway mayor, Steve Vaus, is seeking a second four-year-term. He's even giving Johnson a little bit of moral support.

Vaus says, "The fact that she jumped in and decided to go for it, that's a life experience she'll never forget."

Johnson and Vaus are facing two other mayoral candidates on the ballot, Yuri Bohlen and Brian Edmonston.