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Who says young adults don't care about fighting the coronavirus?

News 8 speaks to teenagers making masks and a website to battle COVID-19

SAN DIEGO — Older San Diegans may be more vulnerable to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean young adults across San Diego County don't care about the pandemic.

In this Zevely Zone, I spoke to two young adults making a difference in our community during the stay at home order. 

Credit: Westview High Health & Nutrition Club

"First I had to  research a little bit and find a design for the mask," said Aakarsh Vermani.

The 15-year old and four other students from the Health and Nutrition Club at Westview High teamed up to make sixty masks.

"I found that dinner napkin material really works really well because it's a good size for the mask and it's a good blend of cotton and polyester," said Aakarsh.  

Aakarsh teamed up with fellow students Brady Imperial, Darren Zhou, Etahn Lin and Jenna Ho-Sing-Loy to complete the project.

Credit: Westview High Health & Nutrition Club

Aakarsh's mother, Veenu, is glad to see teenagers putting their free time to good use.

"I said that is a great idea you should definitely do it. I am really proud of him for thinking about the idea of wanting to do something during this time." said Veenu.

The masks were delivered to employees at Poway Unified School District who are still serving lunches to children in need. Westview's Principal Tina Ziegler Tweeted a message that read "So proud of our Health and Nutrition Club for making masks."

Credit: Westview High Health & Nutrition Club

While Westview High was busy making masks across town another 15-year old student at Francis Parker School was busy making her own website called Quaranteened.

Freshman Ellie Lewis calls it an outreach website that's teen friendly.

"I have a little bit more of a light hearted approach because a lot of the things that you see in the news right now are not necessarily light hearted, but I have "Quaranteened" friendly ideas for activities to do each day," said Ellie during our ZOOM call.

Credit: Westview High Health & Nutrition Club

Ellie offered first hand proof that young adults are taking the pandemic seriously. When I called her and asked if I could go to her house for a face to face interview and use social distancing with six feet separation she told me.

"I said that we'd better do it with Zoom, better keep our safe distance," said Ellie.


Credit: Westview High Health & Nutrition Club

Instead of the passing on coronavirus, these teens are spreading good health.

"I know that younger members are not that susceptible to the disease but that doesn't mean that we can't carry it and we could end up harming other people So I think everyone is careful during this time," Aakarsh.

Both Aakarsh and Ellie aspire to be doctors someday.

"I just think it would be a great profession to be in because you are able to help people everyday," said Aakarsh.

They're 15 years old and already making health headlines.

If you'd like to visit Ellie's website go to www.quaranteenedoutreach.org.