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With COVID on the ropes, two San Diego boxers prepare for USA Boxing National Championships

Two boxers step back into the ring after disappointing 2020 cancellations and postponements.

SAN DIEGO — As COVID-19 fades and life slowly returns to normal every one of us will have to step back into the ring in one way or another. In this Zevely Zone, I visited the Arena Boxing Gym where two San Diegans are answering the bell. For Dee Moran and Jacob Macalolooy, 2020 was challenging mentally and physically. The two San Diego boxers were in the best shape of their lives when when both the Golden Gloves and USA Boxing National Championships were either cancelled or postponed.

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"I felt lost, I am not going to lie, I felt lost," Dee Moran. It's one thing to take a punch in the boxing ring, but quite another to be hit as a child. "Violent father, single mother," said Dee who is 32-years old. Dee said she grew up in an abusive household with drug use and alcoholism and there's a reason she goes by the nickname Lady Tyson. "I just feel like when I get in the ring, I am so hungry and I just want to kill that person," said Dee. She is a two time Southern, California Golden Gloves champ. Jacob is a former division one Ivy League wrestler from Columbia University turned boxer. The 25-year-old is quiet and seem too mellow for such a violent sport. "Yeah, I can fool people for sure walking down the street when they see a smile on my face."

Credit: KFMB

With COVID on the ropes, the USA Boxing National Championships are back on. Basheer Abdullah is the boxers' coach. He is a 4-time Olympic coach. Dee and Jacob are heading to Shreveport,  Louisiana from March 25 to April 3 for the competition.

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Credit: Dee Moran

"In the next week and a half, I'll be the National Champion for USA Boxing," said Jacob. As for Dee, she wants to deliver this message to anyone going toe to toe with abuse. "It's going to end; you will get past it. There is more to life than this chapter you are going through," said Dee. Turning her rage into something positive was the surprise of her life.

For information on the boxing competition click here.

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