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Yeah ... Zevely Zone meets 'Office Space'

People often ask me, where do you come up with all of those story ideas for the Zevely Zone?

SAN DIEGO — People often ask me, where do you come up with all of those story ideas for the Zevely Zone?  

I tell them phone calls, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the grocery store and letters.  

Lots of letters!  

But you know, in corporate America things are always changing. I just received a memo from my boss telling me to streamline the process.  

So, I am having a little fun with this story because let's face it, real life bosses don't like to be on TV. So, I am channeling one of my favorite comedy movies, "Office Space," to re-enact how this all went down.

"Zevely, what's happening? We are going to need you to go ahead and change your work flow," says our sports guy John Howard rocking his best Bill Lumbergh impersonation.  

I play Peter in this story, so I march right by him and respond, "I got a meeting with corporate."

For the next scene I'm sitting in a conference room across from the Bobs.

"What would you say is the Zevely Zone?" says Joel Matis pulling off his best Bob along with another co-worker Mike Lamar who says, "Walk me through your typical day."

I show them some of my best stories from the past. Singing with an Elvis impersonator. Yelling at a stop light. Getting mauled by puppies. Dancing with the Charger girls.  

Most of my story ideas originated with paper. I have had a long love affair with paper. Year and years of paper.

So, the Bobs ask me, "So people write you letters? So, I just have to ask, why can't people email you?" 

I stare back with a blank face. I guess they can. I'm still up for any story idea a viewer sends my way but according to the Bobs and Lumbergh, "Yeah, no more paper."

If you love your job the same way I love mine, give your bosses what they want.  

Help me get my bosses off my back.  

From now on, email your story ideas to ZevelyZone@kfmb.com

After all, when you work in an office you should always ask yourself, "Is this good for the company?"

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